Price of Privilege Trilogy by Jessica Dotta {Review}


It is hard to believe that it was actually a few years ago when I first read Born of Persuasion, the first in the Price of Privilege Trilogy by Jessica Dotta. I craved every page turn and enjoyed the entire novel from beginning to end. While it happened into my reading scheduled during a tough season in my life, I adored the novel. Being transported back to 1838 I was able to spend a few days captivated into a story filled with mystery of the past and secrets. This is completely an Austin meets Bronte novel that would appeal to many readers and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it and dive into the rest of the series. The next novel in the trilogy is the Mark of Distinction. I read part of this one and listened to the rest as an audiobook and it was again enchanting and entertaining with each new. . .

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ABeCeDarian Interactive Workbook (Online) {Review}

The ABeCeDarian Company has introduced an interactive version of their materials.  We have the opportunity to review their ABeCeDarian Interactive A Workbook. This is an online product and we attempted to use it on a 2nd generation iPad. This is not a “set it up and walk away” while your kid interacts with the program application. The ABeCeDarian Interactive Workbook absolutely requires the interaction of a guiding teaching through the use of the program. This is not self-correcting. It is an interactive electronic tool for teaching and working through the ABeCeDarian program, specifically for Workbook A in our instance. We did not enjoy our experience with the electronic version of the program. However going through the Teacher’s Guide, I fully believe that this is an incredible program when used properly. I think the physical program would be awesome, and have heard that it is as well. I believe that the interactive electronic online app version has. . .

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#HAED Challenge 3 #xstitch #WIP


“Spring” by @RuthLSanderson. This is my third started #HAED project. New start for 2016 Challenge 3. #xstitch #crossstitch from Instagram: Stopping point for the day. Also the end of these colors in the first row. Picking up a never ending color tomorrow! #xstitch #xstitchersofinstagram #haed Challenge 3. 1×1 on Laguna. #crossstitch #crossstitcher #crossstitching #crossstitchersofinstagram #ruthsanderson #summer from Instagram: Progress on HAED Challenge 3 #xstitch #crossstitchersofinstagram #craftbloggers #crossstitching #crossstitcher #crossstitch #xstitchersofinstagram #haed #heavenandearthdesigns #ruthsanderson from Instagram:

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Patriotic Angel #xstitch #WIP

Done for now. Gonna put it away until New Years or another patriotic holiday jumps on me. I should be able to finish it in another session or two. Just a little more background detailing and some backstitch words. #xstitch #angel #patriotic #july #july4th #dimensionsgoldcollection #xstitchersofinstagram #crossstitch #crossstitcher #crossstitching #craftbloggers #crossstitchersofinstagram from Instagram:

My School Year (Online Homeschool Record Keeping) {Review}

MySchoolYear email preview #hsreviews #recordkeeping #homeschoolorganization

Recently, we have been using My School Year (Homeschool Record Keeping) from to plan and track our school work. Thanks to the blessings of the TOS Crew, select reviewers will receive an Annual Membership. I have enjoyed organizing our lessons for the summer months and look forward to continuing to see what this program can do for us in the year to come.  My School Year is an incredible tool for homeschool organization. It has more features than I have the time to utilize as I try to be a pen and paper person, but if I had more time to commit to the program and sitting at the computer I would be so organized! This program has pretty charts, email reminders, capibilities to create transcripts and report cards. There are places for putting in graded assignments, attendance tracking, and scheduling of everything dealing with your school age student.. . .

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LearnBop for Families (Online Math) {Review}

My daughter enjoys math but can use all the math practice she can get, so we were excited to get a 12 month subscription to LearnBop for Families from LearnBop!   Before chaos ensued around here we were participants in a review for the Prepaid version (12 month subscription) for either the Single Student Plan, or the Family Plan (access for up to four students). At first we leaned toward the Family Plan, but then I realized this particular product starts in Grade 3, so we used it solely with AppleBlossom. She is almost seven and has started third grade material as of this summer. This is an online subscription. While she has accessed it via our Linux Ubuntu laptop running through Google Chrome moderated browser, for the most part I have her use the program using our iPad2 in the Puffin browser. Why do we use it? It helps me learn a. . .

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Veritas Press Self-Paced Online Bible Old Testament 2: Judges to Kings {Review}


It is no secret that the Creative Madness Mama family is a really big fan of the Veritas Press company. These past few weeks many families of the TOS Review Crew have spent time reviewing different products including the Self-Paced Bible with three review options for the crew including the following: Old Testament 1: Genesis to Joshua Old Testament 2: Judges to Kings New Testament 1: The Gospels We are reviewing Old Testament 2: Judges to Kings for the crew review and continuing it for our 2016-2017 school year for my entering third-grade daughter (she will turn seven-years-old during the summer months). The other product for the crew reviews is a one-year family subscription to Just out of love for the products you can also find another review of Old Testament 1: Genesis to Joshua on Creative Madness Mama as well. I also encourage you to check out the other crew reviews for the. . .

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“In the Arms of an Angel” #xstitch #WIP

Hair and skin is complete on angel and baby as of today. Now to work on her dress. “In the Arms of an Angel” Lavender & Lace designed by Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum. Stitched on 28ct Wichelt Morning Dew Jobelan. 2×2. Skin 1×1. Stitched and hair color conversion by Margaret Chind, Creative Madness Mama. #xstitch #crossstitch #embroidery #sewing #needle #angel #mood #miscarriage #lavenderandlace #jobelan #28count #morningdew #crossstitchersofinstagram #xstitchersofinstagram #stitchmaynia #pointdecroix from Instagram:

It’s been nine days since my miscarriage…


Hi all. I’m not ready to come back to the internet. I’m not ready to return to my blog. I’m pretty sure I’m not ready to pour out all my emotions. I’m not sure if I’m ready to share my thoughts. I owe you some reviews through the TOS Crew. (LearnBop, MySchoolYear, Veritas Press Online Self-Paced Bible.)  Until I can get them from page to post, please feel free to read the crew reviews. I also owe you a few book reviews. Know that I am enjoying Sarah Sundin and Michelle Moran as per usual as a one statement recommend their latest reads. Reviews to come. I need the fog to lift a little more first. Pretty much the only online interaction from me is sporatic updates from instagram across the social networks sharing progress on my “In the Arms of an Angel” cross stitch Lavender & Lace piece which. . .

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Minstrel in the Tower E-Guide (Progeny Press) {Review}

Minstrel in the Tower

We are absolutely a book reading and book story tale loving family. When it comes to school every once in a while I enjoy the hand holding a comprehension guide can provide such as those from Progeny Press. We have been blessed this summer with the Minstrel in the Tower E-Guide from their Lower Elementary (K-3) selections of study guides to work through with AppleBlossom. At this time she is six years old and has just finished her second grade curriculum. She will turn seven in this summer. We received a PDF study guide and I printed off all of chapter one, and then select pages from chapters there on out for the purposes of this review. Right now we are finishing up studying Ancient Egyptian history and moving into Greece and Rome. We have not yet started on the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Reformation. However, for this review, I thought she would. . .

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Cross Stitch #WIP Updates (June 2016)


Starting an old #ufo #WIP getting ready for #july “Patriotic Angel” from #dimensionsgoldcollection I want more of these Angels!! #xstitch #xstitchersofinstagram #crossstitch #crossstitchersofinstagram #craftbloggers #july4th #patriotic #usa from Instagram: To start another #WIP #HAED or not to… Should I jump in this year or wait another? (The Enginerd has not made me another frame yet…) #heavenandearthdesigns #crossstitch #xstitch #xstitchersofinstagram #crossstitchersofinstagram #pointdecroix @RuthLSanderson #ruthsanderson from Instagram: Ready to start a new project. “Enchanted Aurora” by @joanelliottdesign #WIP #xstitch #xstitchersofinstagram #crossstitch #ohcanada #crossstitchersofinstagram from Instagram: My place for stopping stitching after a good evening #WIP #xstitch #crossstitch “Enchanted Aurora” by @joanelliottdesign I went out today and bought all the rest of the floss that I needed for this project and @hobbylobby had it all! #joanelliott #ohcanada #crossstitchersofinstagram #xstitchersofinstagram #needleminder from Instagram: “Canadian Beauty” by @joanelliottdesign #WIP #xstitch I thought this was an appropriate design with colors to focus. . .

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Floss Tube Or Not To Floss Tube?


Funny thing, I wrote this post then was confused when I couldn’t find it. I accidentally wrote it on a old blog test site from my iPad and not Creative Madness Mama. Oops! I finall found it, however.  Lately, I have really been spending a lot of time getting back into the groove of cross stitching. Truly I would say that cross stitching was my first crafty hobby. I started out with stamped quilted baby quilts, then moved on to wall hangings in both a combination of stamped fabrics and small count Aida material. I never really stopped, but I haven’t stitched regularly. It was more as the stitchy-bug hit here and there. When I was pregnant with AppleBlossom was probably the last time I did a big gift project. In recent years I have worked during certain holidays on particular seasonal pieces, but no real finishes. This last fall. . .

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It’s been 2 years since my miscarriage.

baby 2-11wks

It’s been 2 years, 9 months, 2 weeks, and 2 days since I had a first-trimester miscarriage that was diagnosed as a blighted ovum and ended in bleeding and a necessary D&C surgery. Why would I remind you? Why would I dwell on it and bring it up again? Well… I’ve been a little quiet around here lately. Pretty much my only social online interaction has been my stitch therapy sharing progress updates on my WIPs and new starts. Now I’ll tell you the reason why. I’m pregnant! Well, sorta. After we got married we tried for two years without success to get pregnant, but were finally blessed with AppleBlossom in 2009. Just as soon as we wanted we gave her the Princess for a little sister in 2011. When we first started trying again, we had a miscarriage in 2013. However, that angel baby was followed by our very. . .

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Free Summer Reading Programs

Creative Madness Mama shares a list of links to free summer reading programs. Many with prizes! #summerreading #booklist #amreading

We are a book-loving family. I am training my little reader well. Even my two non-readers are addicted to books and pouring over page daily. So of course, when summer comes along what excites me? Summer Reading Programs with free rewards, please! Here are a few that I have discovered for this year…   Barnes and Noble Summer Reading  Download a PDF to chart your reading and turn it in after reading a handful of books. This year the theme is a Triathalon. Four questions are provided, and your student is required to answer at least three. This you turn in, to your location Barnes & Noble store to earn a free book. They are also having a Super Hero and Location election and other printable activities. *Do not forget! As homeschoolers, we do qualify for an Educator Discount Card. Check out more details at If you purchase any. . .

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