It’s a five dog night.

I recall once being told when it is cold enough for the sled dog master to invite the dogs into his tent the coldness of the night is measured by the quantity of dogs to provide adequate warmth. Well I don’t have sled dogs, but I do have toddlers or near-to. So for me it’s a three kiddo night and I’m still quite chilly.

Favorite Bears in the Bath by Shirley Parenteau

Bears in the Bath

Splish! Splash! Sploosh! The adorable stars of Bears on Chairs and Bears in Beds are back, and they’re ready for bath time. Or are they?

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Practice, practice, practice! and it’s fun!! (with IXL!)


What an incredible year this has been for reviews, I’ve been especially pleased in finding new curriculum ideas for our homeschooling life. Some have been wonderful and will be new staples in our regimen, while others have been neat and we might continue if a budget allows. One program we have been blessed to discover and experience for the last several weeks that will definitely be a program on my go-list is IXL ~ ( In the past, I’ve seen sales for IXL (such as through the co-op) and I’ve seen their ads and banners on blog sidebars, but I never … Continue reading