Adding more dark aqua. WIP

I have to say that with all the navy and now dark aqua added this is not feeling very Christmas festive. But I’m sure it will in the end.



5 Months Old!






Chicken Noodle Soup today for warmth



Lots and lots of navy blue – WIP



Next work in progress…


Putting one season away and starting back in on the next. Woodland Enchantress here I come.

Hear me grumble.

If you’ve ever read my reviews you know I’m an honest person and often look to say kind things even if a product just wasn’t for me or my family. When it first came out I got my hands on a Nook Color. I loved it until the release of a Kindle Fire and then just didn’t find much use for my Nook Color as the Fire was much more friendly to accessing my review books. (Conversation for another day.) I have never had an issue with my Kindle Fire (1st gen). My first problem with Amazon Kindle Fire was … Continue reading


Holding a baby.

I’ve spent the last thirty minutes rocking, soothing, and praying for this fussy baby to just take a nap so I can do things. And then he’s asleep and now watching him breathe in and out all I want to do is hold him. (Still dealing with the remnants of the respiratory flu and now adding dizziness and intestinal upset.) Like this:Like Loading…


What crib?

Almond character has decided after spending the last two weeks in my arms that sleeping in a crib for any amount of time is over rated and not permissible. Like this:Like Loading…

Lab test diagnosis

Influenza A. It’s the flu. I’ve never truly had a flu diagnosis before. Little boy’s nasal swab tested positive for Influenza A. And because the three year old is already fever free she doesn’t need anything and will soon be well. The Enginerd and I should be soon to follow on the wellness train. However we are we are getting Tamiflu or some such to help the baby through it. And if you’re wondering I feel awful. And for what it’s worth: “Influenza S is a virus affecting the upper respiratory track.” Like this:Like Loading…

105.7 fever anyone?

Ok. Pertinent details 4.5 month old has a 101.2 fever. Starting Saturday afternoon with the three year old, followed by the Enginerd, and then by Sunday afternoon myself. High fevers 105.7 often. A slight runny nose. Voice is lost and a very infrequent cough that feels like razor blades. The five year old is dandy and hasn’t topped 99. Yesterday was really bad for the three year old but she was 102 at four am and has only gone down. She’s sitting at 99 herself now. And if I recall what he said (after all my head is a bit … Continue reading

Nearly 5 months old

On the Almond update: he rolls over on accident but hardly on purpose. Put him on his belly and he does push-ups. He doesn’t quite crawl but he can get a few feet. Although sometime he goes in the opposite direction than he wants and this upsets him. Stroke his chin or neck (or wipe the moisture away) and he giggles. Look him in the deep royal blue eyes and talk to him and he grins enough to make your day or week better because you’ve spoken to him and that’s all he’s ever wanted. Hold a soothie up in … Continue reading


Work in Progress Wednesday

I’m not ready to give up on my Fall Fairy yet and get out the Christmas crafts, but perhaps I shall.



Work in Progress…


Progress – work in progress…