3rd Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices

Memoria Press 3rd grade

[insert stack photo] But wait! Didn’t your AppleBlossom start Third Grade in the fall of 2016?! Well yes, but in the February following, we kinda started over. So she is currently third grade, she is currently still seven-years-old, or at least she will be for one more month eight. Oi! She will turn nine in the summer. We really found ourselves to be unhappy with the overall scheduling of the Veritas Press Scholars Academy Homeschool Diploma Program and only satisfied with a few of the curriculum choices. Therefore, we kept what we liked and kicked the rest to the curb. (Note: We love materials published by Veritas Press!) About AppleBlossom’s progress… Finally, when I gave myself permission to quit we jumped back to what we love, namely that of Memoria Press. So onward with 3M (or what is known as the homeschool moderated track based off of the Highlands Latin. . .

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The Time Traveler #WIP #xstitch

I also spent hours watching Dr. Who with the Enginerd and stitching on my Time Traveler. I’ve missed her as she sat neglected during my Christmas stitching. I’m falling more in love with this fabric everyday. #2017starts #stitchmaynia #crossstitch #craftblogger #timetraveler #thetimetraveler #drwho #fantasydyedfabrics from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2CT3joY

Workshop Santa and Madonna & Child (both) by Joan Elliott #WIP #xstitch

I’m setting Santa to the side today to work on Madonna & Child. I love this Blueberry Jobelan! #joanelliott #dmcfloss #flosstube #crossstitch #craftblogger #crossstitchersofinstagram #stitchfromstash2017 #stitchersofinstagram #xstitch #xstitchersofinstagram #2016start from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2p3dZL6

Workshop Santa #WIP #xstitch

Just about time to move the Qsnaps. (And find a few missing skeins…) I guess I am nearly halfway finished. But I really want to spend some time on my Madonna & Child too. #xstitch #xstitchersofinstagram #crossstitch #craftblogger #crossstitchersofinstagram #stitchmaynia #stitchfromstash2017 #2016start #santasworkshop #workshopsanta #santa #pointdecroix #flosstube #joanelliott #dmcfloss from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2kIzXhn

Bible Journaling Supplies for me…

I mentioned in a post recently that I have truly decided to take up Bible Art Journaling, both for myself and for at least my oldest daughter. We have been working through some Adult Coloring Books, and then she ran off with declares of possession to my Illustrated Notetaking HCSB from Holman Bible Publishers. I am still trying to decide what will be the Bible that I go with… Yet in the meantime, I have started ordering and collecting media and materials to make this really happen. Affiliate links to follow, which will bless the Creative Madness Mama family.  So far, from Amazon I have been ordering acrylic cling stamps from Illustrated Faith and Prismacolor Premier colored pencils.    

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Cross Stitch #WIP Updates (December 2017)

The month of November (my birthday month!) was very stitchy for me. #november #crossstitch . . . #dmcfloss #fantasydyedfabrics #stitchmaynia #xstitchersofinstagram #stitchfromstash2017 #sunnydyesfabrics #asit #joanelliott #myfirststitch #bucilla A post shared by Creative Madness Mama Margaret (@cherryblossommj) on Dec 2, 2017 at 11:53am PST So far December has started off being pretty stitchingly gratifying as well. I started off December carrying over my progress on The Time Traveler by Joan Elliott. I am working on a 28 count opalescent individual dye from Fantasy Dyed Fabrics. So far she is a delight to work on. I’ve had a bit more frogging that I’ve experienced in the past, but I used to be a make-it-work stitcher and I’m trying to be a bit more dedicated now. Plus there may have been some late nights and a fever involved with some of that… She is nearly to a half way to completion point, but. . .

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All is Bright by Nancy Guthrie {Review}

[PINNABLE IMAGE 735xh] I know, I know, it’s been a while since you’ve seen a book review from me! The reading has calmed down as I’ve dived more into homeschooling and running around with a baby. Oh, wait, you missed that? Well, she’s just over seven months old now, my fourth child and third baby girl. The others are doing great and we’re addicted to adult coloring books! My eight and six year old girls are truly coming into learning patience and calming techniques with the privilege of being able to use Mama’s coloring books. 😉 All is Bright by Nancy Guthrie is one of my favorite seasonal books and I’m delighted to pull it out again this year, and I’m sure I will be continuing to work in it for years to come. The pages are double sided and this is the seemingly standard square shape for these type of coloring books.. . .

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