2015 Book Sale

Long story short, but I need to sell some books.

Nearly all my books are in pristine condition with very few exceptions. Smoke and pet free.

Creative Madness Mama 2015 Book Sale

Paperback $10 each include shipping.
Hardcover $15 each include shipping.

Prices negotiable!
Mass Market Paperback $5 include shipping.
I will hear reasonable offers.

I’ll accept Paypal, Amazon gift cards, Amazon gift copies, and consider trades.

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Colors for Zena by Monica Wellington {Review}

Colors for Zena by Monica Wellington

*My original post seems to have disappeared, but this is too good of a resource that I recommend to not possibly post again. This book could not have arrived at a better time (August 2013) as we are discussing primary and secondary colors this week in Memoria Press Kindergarten. Absolutely this fabulous color picture book is being written in my lesson plans as a resource for future years. Monica’s images are fun and lovely for viewing by little artists. The introduction of a color and the return to it gives more interaction than a typical color book would with just a label per page. Then the animals of color add personality and a feast for the imagination. I bet the kid’s will be dreaming in color after reading this one. The only thing I could wish for would be printable coloring pages to go along as an activity with the…

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My Leaf Book by Monica Wellington {Review}

My Leaf Book by Monica Wellington

I found myself very excited to see this book arrive yesterday. I have loved the previous titles from Monica Wellington that we have read in the past including Night House Bright House and Colors for Zena. (Links back to goodreads). It was just a stumbled upon opprtunity with the local Books from Birth program that I discovered Night House Bright House (my review) and I was surprised by how much I truly enjoyed the collage style book. Then last year when Monica offered me to read Colors for Zena, I was intrigued and excited as well – it is another fabulous read for the keeper shelf. This year I have discovered her latest treasure in My Leaf Book, in which a young girl goes in the arboretum of the world and collects and designs her own person leaf book. From pressed leaves, to leaf rubbings, and more this is delightfully inspiring! My Leaf…

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2015 Blue Ribbon Award Favorites Announced!! #TOSReviewCrew

CMM TOS Review Crew banner

This has been an interesting year and throughout I have discovered lots of neat products and curricula! On source that has been an exceptional blessing is the Schoolhouse Review Crew. Today, on the Crew blog, we’re announcing the results of our votes for the Favorites for 2015. But first, let me tell you a few things that I have truly enjoyed… (You should be able to click any images to head back to read a posted review in my archives).   This year was filled with publishers I had been hoping for and new ones that I’m delighted to meet. There were a few duds for us, but not these mentioned above. We have found some great staples for our schooling! .

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7 FREE Learning Resources for the holidays!

The Little Fir Tree

I haven’t started decorating for the holidays yet. Personally it’s too soon! But as a book blogger, I’ve had Christmas themed books on my mind since early September! and thus I’ve been thinking about ways to tweak our homeschool curricula with a little Christmas flair when the time comes. One of my favorite resources for go-to printables with no color and no hassel is Moffatt Girls packs. I need to buy the next level! You can find her stuff on TeachersPayTeachers. Guaranteed every year, I’ll probably tell you that I’m most excited about the books. The children’s books that is. Each year we put our Halloween/Leaves/Fall/Pumpkin/Thanksgiving books away in a box. Another box hosts our Christmas/Winter/New Years holiday themed books. When it is time to get out this box, all the memories come flooding back. In a perfect world, all my books would be out all the time. However, I…

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ESV Journaling Bible {Review & Giveaway}


When I was in high school I was already doing a bit of a journaling thing in my Bibles, however not to the artistic ability that I’ve seen on blogs today with this new theme of journaling Bibles. I would look forever in the book stores just trying to find the widest margins. When I heard about the opportunity to be able to see one of these now is so exciting! When I opened the box though, my enthusiasm quickly dimmed. The book itself is good quality and many people will be thrilled with it. The margins definitely provide space to write and journal as artsy as you would like. It just wasn’t what I was hoping for. I requested this English Standard Version Journaling Bible on the concept of what it is, but I did not read any of the details about the size. The translation is fine, and…

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14 Stocking Stuffer Ideas that Encourage Learning

My own window quilt. Maybe this year?

  What is your stocking made of? On my to-do list is the idea of making everyone their own custom stocking. I have felt kits, one which I’ve started, but I had no idea how much I would not like sewing with felt! I think in retrospect I’d rather make some cross stitch ones. I’m all the more grateful for the felt stocking that my aunt made me when I was a child! I’ve always loved it, but now even more so knowing how much effort and love she put into that. For now we have a hodgepodge of hand-me-down stockings, including my own childhood stocking… I’ll try to remember to get pictures of them this year to share with you all. What’s your favorite Christmas tradition? Since having my own children, Christmas has taken a new flair. We absolutely read, celebrate, and discuss Jesus. But we thrill with Santa,…

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Grapevine Studies: Old Testament Overview, Part 1 {Review}

Grapevine Studies TG C2J

Following the blog you might have noticed a coupon in the month of October for Grapevine Studies, as I have taken on their company as a new affiliate. Today I have the joy of sharing with you a review of one of their downloadable products. In the last year or so I’ve been collecting their eShorts and freebies and making a list of what to buy to go along with our other studies. Most recently (and for this review) we have been working through Old Testament 1: Level 1 (ages 6-8) and Traceable (ages 3-5) and a Teacher Book for OT Levels 1 & 2. We received a digital download, a PDF, and I printed a few pages for my four and six-year-old daughters to participate. I originally printed the traceable pages for only OrangeBlossom, but AppleBlossom was a bit jealous (and drawing from scratch is a bit of a new concept for her)…

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Creative Madness from the author of Splintered Kingdom – James Aitcheson

Splintered Kingdom cover

Creative Madness Guest Post I think you have to be a little bit mad to be a writer. By its nature it’s a solitary occupation. For hours at a time you cut yourself off from everyday life and lose yourself in worlds of your own devising: living amongst, conversing with and directing the affairs of imaginary people. Within those worlds, you have complete authority to do as you will; as the creator, you possess power without limit. In my case, the world I inhabit when I sit down in front of the word processor does at least have some grounding in reality. As a historical novelist, my powers are constrained to some extent by known facts about the past. My current series of novels – of which The Splintered Kingdom is the second instalment – is set during one of the most traumatic periods of British history: the Norman Conquest…

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