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YIMG_0703.JPGou may recall in a blog post I once mentioned that as participants in the Frontier Girls Clubs, our home Troop is classified as Pioneers Troop #100. We are part of a plethora of individuals with parent/scouts that are not a part of a formal troop. Another independent option is classified as Patriot Troop #911. This page is dedicated to the interaction of the local west Tennessee combined Troops for Pioneers and Patriots.

Our Pioneer Program is designed for girls who are either unable to find a troop or simply prefer to operate as an individual. Parents act as their daughter’s leader.

The Frontier Girls Patriot Program is designed to honor the daughtersand families of our military men and women. All girls of military families that are operating as individuals are invited to join a special worldwide troop just for them.  Our Patriot troop #911 has no official leader and each parent or guardian acts as the leader for their own daughter.

-Frontier Girls Clubs

The Creative Madness Mama Frontier Girls Troop is mostly littles at this time with Penguin (ages 3-5) and Otter (5-8) girls, however, we are not opposed to inviting Dolphin (8-11) age girls to participate with us as well. Our Frontier Girls is a scouting program with a focus on community service, patriotism, building character, and learning classic scouting skills. “Raising women of honor to be the mothers and leaders of the future through life skills, leadership, character building, teamwork and service to others.”

If you’d like to be involved and you’re local. Let me know!

 I promise to love God,

Be loyal to my country,

and to love my neighbor as myself.



More Than 1200 Individual Badges!


Through its youth program for girls, Frontier Girls promotes a life long love of learning and has made a commitment to write a badge on virtually any subject a girl wishes to learn about with the exception of controversial subjects we feel are better addressed by parents and religious leaders.  Our badges are divided into nine Areas of Discovery:

  • Discover Agriculture
  • Discover Art
  • Discover Character
  • Discover Health and Fitness
  • Discover the Home
  • Discover Knowledge
  • Discover the Outdoors
  • Discover Science and Technology
  • Discover the World

Frontier Girls encourages girls to ask anything and explore everything.

What do you want to learn about?

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