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She Always Wore Red by Angela Hunt

This is one of those books, where you know that if you had more in common with the main character that you’d just love this book, but with having a bitterness in your own heart you distance yourself from the character’s lives. I’m sure that statement is hard to understand, but because of my own self this was not one of my favorite books. But I am positively sure that it will many other people’s favorites. Angela does an amazing thing with words and really tells a great story with uncomfortable things comfortably. Yes, I did just say that. This is a good read, and I do suggest it. – MJ It is time to play a Wild Card! Every now and then, a book that I have chosen to read is going to pop up as a FIRST Wild Card Tour. Get dealt into the game! (Just click the. . .

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Infidel by Ted Dekker: a review

Infidel: The Circle Series, Book #2 by Ted Dekker My review rating: 4 of 5 starsThe ending of this book is fabulous! I am looking forward to the next in the series, I also need to go back and read the other series. The fact that Dekker is capable of twisting so many books and different series together, is just fabulous. This story is an awesome telling of temptation and forgiveness. I can see many things below the surface and to hate the sin not the sinner is only one of them. This book is great for Teens, but also great for any other age. I highly recommend it. Although, I do suggest you start with Book one of this series, Chosen. It is not necessary to read the other series first, after all I haven’t yet, but I plan to do so sometime soon. Happy reading! View all my. . .

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