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The Molech Prophecy by Thomas Phillips

For me personally, I’m just not crazy about the contemporary fiction. The plot line of this book is interesting however and I do recommend it as a read to anyone that might be able to relate and is looking for a little bit of God in their life. -MJ It is time to play a Wild Card! Every now and then, a book that I have chosen to read is going to pop up as a FIRST Wild Card Tour. Get dealt into the game! (Just click the button!) Wild Card Tours feature an author and his/her book’s FIRST chapter! You never know when I might play a wild card on you! Today’s Wild Card author is: Thomas Phillips and his book: The Molech Prophecy Whitaker House (July 1, 2008) ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Thomas Phillips grew up with a reading disability. He did everything possible not to read. It wasn’t. . .

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