Guest Post: Hoopnotica Preg-O Prenatal Fitness Hoop!

Today is a special treat. I have asked Rayna, Founder of Hoopnotica to come and share a little bit about my favorite Pregnant exercise. I will in no way claim talent here, but it is so much fun and definitely my kind of workout for baby and me.

Hi there! This is Rayna McInturf, Mommie-to-be and Founder of Hoopnotica, a mind body fitness company leading the way in the field of hoopdance fitness. I’m here to tell you all about a new product we offer for mommies-to-be, the Hoopnotica Preg-O Prenatal Fitness Hoop & E-Booklet!

If you haven’t heard of it, hoopdance, or hooping is a great way to tone and sculpt your core and your entire body while burning up to 600 calories an hour! It has its roots in “hula hooping” of the past, but takes this favorite pastime to a whole new level, making fitness FUN, sensual and creative. You may think that being pregnant and hula hooping do not go together, but the hooping of today is actually a great way for healthy pregnant women to get the exercise they need while being gentle to their bodies. I am currently 5 months pregnant, and I continue to teach hoopdance classes and lead hoopdance teacher trainings. This is because there is so much more you can do with an adult fitness hoop these days than you could with a kid’s toy store hoop of old. In fact, you can keep the hoop completely off your belly if you need to and still get a great workout. Plus, you can control this workout completely so that you can stay within the safe exercise limits your health care provider sets for you such as a target hear rate, etc.

The Preg-O, while still a Hoopnotica Fitness Hoop, is more lightweight than our other hoops, so it’s gentler on the pregnant body than our other hoops. When you order our Preg-O, it automatically comes with the E-Booklet I’ve written, The Hoopnotica Guide to Hoopdance During & After Pregnancy, Part 1: Prenatal Hoopdance. This E-Booklet explains how to modify the Hoopnotica Beginning Level Hoopdance Curriculum as you progress through your pregnancy so that you can stay safe, fit and comfortable as you exercise with the Preg-O.

Of course all women should check in with their health care providers before starting or continuing any fitness routine while pregnant. As long as your health care provider approves of moderate fitness activity for you, consider enjoying hoopdance during this wonderful time as a way to get the regular exercise you need while having FUN!

Rayna McInturf
Hoopnotica® Corp. 877 GO HOOPN (464-6676) Find Yourself in the Hoop™

Hoopnotica® Teacher Training & Certification
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“Part Dance, Part Exercise, and ALL Fun!” ~ E! News

Just reading about it again makes me want to go find the right music and just get up and hoop! Here’s a link to go and find out more about this fabulous Preg-O hoop and more.

(my hoop and moi! – of course surrounded by books…)

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