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Baby Food Adventures: The Beginning

We have been exclusively breastfeeding since the beginning.  Well AppleBlossom did have one dropper-full of formula in the hospital right after birth because my Gestational Diabetes brought her sugar too low. Yet other than that, through good days and bad… very painful moments and learning experiences… to irreplaceable tender moments we have been blessed to breastfeed. In the last few weeks I have become curious about starting solid foods. We reached the five month point and she was so curious about dinner time that we tried some rice cereal.  We bought the Earth’s Best Organic Rice Cereal (14 Dec) that I mixed with some expressed breastmilk — let me tell you I am not a fan of expressing milk! AppleBlossom enthusiastically gobbled it up, but the preparation left me frustrated when I would just prefer to nurse her. Over the Christmas holidays, she literally attempted to grab a glass of. . .

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