Your Pregnancy Quick Guide: Feeding Your Baby — Review

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Your Pregnancy Quick Guide: Feeding Your Baby In The First Year (Your Pregnancy Quick Guides) Your Pregnancy Quick Guide: Feeding Your Baby In The First Year by Glade B. Curtis

From the authors of the best-selling Your Pregnancy series, medically sound and succinct guides for the pregnant woman who needs detailed information on a specific concern:
The advantages and disadvantages of breastfeeding and bottle-feeding
Guidelines for establishing a breastfeeding routine
What you need to know about how your nutrition affects your breast milk
Tips for safe and healthy bottle-feeding
Information on different formula options and how to find the right one for your baby
Tips for introducing solid foods and monitoring for food allergies
Advice on the best feeding and burping positions
How to recognize whether your baby is getting enough nourishment

Another great resource from Glade B. Curtis. The same information in the Your Baby’s First Year: Week By Week (Your Pregnancy Series), Second Edition but in a fabulous compact version. I did feel that the authors lean toward formula feeding over breastfeeding in the subtleties that they expressed, but the information for either beginning feeding of an infant is there. I enjoy the resources provided in the books from the Your Pregnancy series and I highly recommend them.

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  1. Nursing mother’s get a lot of convenient when it comes to feeding their babies. Milk is always fresh and clean and most likely safe against those bacterias that will cause amoeba. It’s always accessible and no need for an extra effort to mix it.

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