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Product Spotlight & Discount: Sugar Sweet Baby #babywearing

Today’s Spotlight is for a neat little shop, Sugar Sweet Baby, that I discovered that specializes in BAMBOO baby wraps, but also carries other things such as hair clips and more. Without further adieu, let Lara introduce herself to you! Here is a little info on wraps and babwearing from my own experience:) When I first had my son over 4 years ago, I was so confused about baby products. I was my first friend that got married and pregnant, so trial and error is what I used as well as alot of researching and message boards asking other Mom’s their opinions. When it came to babywearing, I knew I wanted to wear my son. I loved the idea of the closeness as well as the functionality of it. So my search began for carriers. I literally tried them all. At first I did not even want to try a. . .

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