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While I love my SleepyWrap, another neat wrap company that I have discovered is Wrapsody. While the pricing for a Wrapsody:Wraparound Baby Carrier is more expensive these are completely unique and hand dyed which makes them more costly to make, but they are indeed beautiful. Wrapsody carries two main types of baby wraps in the Bali Breeze and Bali Stretch, but also has Water Wraps and accessories (sometimes Wool Wraps). *Thanks to Colleen of Gypsy Mama, LLC I was able to do a review of a Bali Stretch and then pass it on to LLL International as a donation to another Mama in need.* If I had the budget, I would buy myself one of these in a heart beat! 

Bali Stretch: These are soft and silky — soft like your favorite T-shirt. The process of hand-dyeing and batiking removes much of the lengthwise stretch but leaves the widthwise stretch, making these super supportive and comfy for a wide range of ages.  Our testers suggested that it’s a sort of “hybrid” between stretchy and woven wraps.
I agree with their assessment about being in between a stretchy and woven wrap. It is not as stretchy as my SleepyWrap or SnuggyBaby, but is more stretchy than my Li’l Peeper Keepers Woven Wraps. Depending on what you are looking for in stretch, this could be a good compromise. The individual wrap that I was able to preview is Arie and oh, how beautiful! 

BaliBaby Stretch: Arie

All of our Bali wraps come packaged with an instructional DVD!
Our BaliBaby Stretch wraps are hand-batiked by artists in Bali under good working conditions. They are made from a lightweight cotton jersey with a great widthwise stretch and little lengthwise stretch, then hemmed for extra support. This means that with practice, they can be used safely in all the same positions as gauze and woven wraps while retaining the snuggly quality of your favorite T-Shirt! Each wrap comes with a detailed instruction manual, and the center of each is marked by our label, making them easy to use.
Arie’s beautiful pattern is inspired by fall leaves on a New England river, reflecting a pale autumn sky.
The Bali Stretch wrap is so soft, just like a comfy t-shirt. Made of a knit cotton jersey there is no doubt that both you and your baby will be comfy in the soft cozy fabric. Due to the batiking process, the dyes are set, but can have some unbonded dyes that will come out in the first washing, so be aware and wash it appropriately.
When I received the wrap, I was at first taken with how beautiful the fabric is. It truly is silky soft and I love jersey fabrics (just ask me what my college sheets were!). In the package there was a quick start guide to get me started on some different methods of wrapping and carrying with the wrap as well as a DVD. This instructional DVD is incredible! There are so many methods here of wrapping that I had never been exposed to before. You can also find these videos on their website as well. There is a wealth of other tips and success points are available as well. 
I highly recommend Wrapsody and their Bali Stretch and I am quite certain their other wraps would be just as awesome as well. My only issue at all is the price, but just as Batik Quilting Fabric has a price tag, so does this material specifically hand dyed for Wrapsody, but at the same time it is completely understandable (as well as beautiful!).

Network with Wrapsody: or
Wrapsody Blog
Wrapsody Facebook Fan Page
Twitter @WrapsodyBaby

Buy it: At $74.50 it is a bit more than a solid color wrap, but you will find nothing else on the market even slightly comparable.

There are also some frugal babywearing advice tips on their website as well that you may find interesting and valuable… 

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  • C Tickle

    Great review. I have been looking for a carrier for those early months that isnt too stretchy. The Wrapsody is a beautiful product and seems like it would last through a few kiddos! Love your pics!

    • It is great, I only wish we could have kept ours! We passed it on to charity in return for being able to preview it for review.

  • Shannon Reed

    Such a cute little one! I have the Wrapsody and it is very comfortable- I use it on my back and carry my one year old. Great post!

    • Thanks Shannon! As the summer nears and the thoughts of swimming lessons occur I’m thinking more and more about a water wrap to hold #2 while helping #1. We’ll see I suppose!