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Nine Months

AppleBlossom is nine months old! Can you believe it? It does not seem that long ago that I was pregnant… wow. And now my baby is no more baby baby, she is not quite a toddler, but she is a woddler (my new favorite term thank you Abingdon Press). It seems like there are things that she is ahead of the curve on and I hear that is good and bad. As my SisterL states, she does not encourage early walkers… As of the first week of April we had the beginnings of one tooth, then April 20th we had a second tooth! So now we have our two bottom front teeth in all their painful glory. We have learned how to be purely pitiful. 😉

When she was about the right time to learn how to roll over, I thought she would never do it. She was so frustrated and it just seemed hopeless. Then one day it was accomplished and done. Then there was sitting up. She was able to sit up before she could roll over (meaning stay sitting when put there). Soon after rolling she was able to sit herself up. Then it seemed milliseconds later she was able to pull to standing. She was pulling to standing at barely seven months! Then she kept stepping holding our hands, we were sure she was going to walk before she crawled. Yet, during her eighth month she learned crawling and zooms around the house faster than we ever imagined (when she wants something). She has this really neat technique of crawling… since she wears mostly dresses (they’re just too cute!) she is up on one knee and one foot, she steps with the foot, then slides the knee (in a kneeling like position). It is very funny, cute and gets her everywhere she wants to go without tripping and slipping on her dress hem.

Now, nine months. *sigh* She took her first steps (going after the Enginerd’s PS2 in his office) and according to the Enginerd has taken a few steps since then just before she hit the nine month mark. We can place her on the floor standing up, but she’ll stand for a while, then get down and crawl. She’s not so much interested in walking on her own, yet if she has even one hand held by one of us she is all over the place. She is not using us for support, so we know she is capable and that just blows my mind. This is only the beginning of the rest of our lives, but wow. So, I am so proud of her and want to encourage her, yet I see the rationality of she will walk, so not to encourage it early. I dunno. She seems to crawl so fast, would running be that much worse?

During the last month I moved over from http://cherryblossommj.blogspot.com to www.CreativeMadnessMama.com and it is a love/hate relationship. If wordpress and my database would behave long enough for me to make a real opinion… Overall I am very happy with it, when it works. 😉 Also in the last month AppleBlossom has stopped sleeping through the night. What do I mean you ask? Well, ever since she was about two weeks old she pretty much slept through the night in an eight to ten hour stretch. All of the sudden at six months she started waking up, would fuss then go back down. Now, its miserable. She goes down around eight or nine, then around eleven (every single night no matter the day’s events) she wakes up screaming. You cannot ignore her, she will shriek. Feeding her will calm her, but then she moans and tosses and turns. This goes on until about three am, and sometimes longer. I have not slept through the night in who knows how long. This has caused the Enginerd to go sleep in the guest room most nights. Even when we were miserably uncomfortable during my pregnancy he did not leave. *sigh*

Okay, explanation of sleeping arrangements: In our bedroom, AppleBlossom has her crib. She naps in her crib (mostly, but I’ll get to that) and sleeps there at night. Lately, it has taken to sleeping there from eight to eleven then whining in the bed with me until three, going back into the crib around four or six (when Enginerd is preparing for work) then wakes up to start the day at seven. This does not equal a lot of sleep for anyone. We’ve tried have her in the crib all night, she can get really loud… and will scream bloody murder. We have tried having her co-sleep with us (or just me) and some of the night is fine, some of the night she rolls, tosses and turns, and moans. She does not seem to be fully awake when she is so fussy with us. If we walk around the room she will still toss and turn and moan. Same with the swing. We have tried feeding her more (both nursing and baby food) it does not effect it. We have also tried different diapers, different clothes, nothing changes it. No matter what at the same time almost every night the grunting begins.

No ideas there… we had our nine month well check up yesterday and the doctor said he did not know what to think of that. We figured it could be hunger, it could be gas, it could be teething, it could be growing pains, it could be nightmares. We just do not know and nothing that we have done helps. Clothes, diapers, tylenol, motrin, gas drops, feeding… nothing changes. Any suggestions? I’m all ears.

Other changes that I just have not quite figured out yet. My little independent angel who used to play by my side now has to be in my arms or holding my hand while she plays or she will whine and cry. Um. Okay. I’ll play with you that’s not a problem, but can I have three minutes? I have accomplished absolutely nothing in the past few weeks as I cannot do anything. Babywearing is one thing, but here I have to have my hands on her even if she is in a wrap/sling/carrier whatever. She seems to think I am going to disappear. Is this what they call separation anxiety? I thought that was when you left them at the nursery or in another room they screamed. This is Mama is half an inch away and not touch me, oh my it’s the end of the world!!! I’m just a little confused. Yet… as soon as Daddy gets home, excuse me the Enginerd. She squeals. Squeals with delight and chases him down. She babbles and giggles and runs away playing tag as fast as her little hands and knees will take her squealing all the way. She climbs and crawls and acts as if all the world is a glow. I have tried just playing and playing and interacting to see if she’ll get tired and play on her own, but she has to be touching me. Then usually after an hour or so of the Enginerd she once again returns to Mama clinging mode. I love her and I love to snuggle with her, but that is not what she is doing. She will hold my finger, knee, leg whatever and ask with those whines and pleading eyes to be held, and I will hold her. Yet in holding her she pushes away in painful ways like a toddler that wants down. I’m having a hard time describing this, so I’m not sure you will know what I mean.

So clueless and tired about the sleeping and even more clueless and tired about the non independence streak. But oh is she cute.

These little toofie smiles are so adorable and we hardly get to take any pictures as we would like because we are always arms full or chasing her down. She loves her babbies (blankets) to snuggle with and squeals with delight when she spys a pacificer (only likes her Advent Soothers). She loves to munch and chew on her Razberry and really enjoys textured links. She has found a liking to several of my beanie babies and other stuffed animals and LOVES her new toy a Fisher Price Musical Table. Oh, and it seems her favorite toy, that is now out of water and up stairs where we play (and mama types every few hands free minutes) is her Purple Polka-dotted Rubber Ducky. I’m hoping to start being able to get more photos and use the video camera to capture her moments, but we’ll see…

What about me, what am I up to with the one hand typing while she sleeps for ten minutes at a time on my chest? Well I’m tired, but loving my interaction with other lovers of Christian Historical Fiction. I’m moving our group from ning over to my domain and hope that it will be just as successful if not more so http://chf.creativemadnessmama.com if you’re interested. I want this to be a place where authors, readers and anyone else involved with Christian Historical Fiction can get together and share the latest treasure they have found within a novel and know what is coming soon in great expectations. I’m very excited about it. I also started a Top100 Historical Fiction Blogger List. I hope this will be a great way to find more interesting and great blogs that have anything to do with Historical Fiction in general.

Also my desire to quilt has returned but no time! And as for reading… basically only when the Enginerd is home…

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  • You have such a beautiful little girl! (hint, hint–not enough pics). She is soooooo cute! It is hard to believe she is 9 months old. Seems you were just pregnant!