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Genres: Christian Fiction, Christian Historical Fiction, Historical Fiction, Romance

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Love on a Dime by Cara Lynn James
Genre: Christian Historical Romance
Pages: 320
Date Published: June 8th, 2010
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Brand new from Thomas Nelson in stores yesterday is Love on Dime by Cara Lynn James, a Ladies of Summerhill Novel.

Turn of the century novelist Lilly Westbrook learns that being faithful to her calling means more than just putting pen to paper.

It’s the summer of 1899 in Newport, Rhode Island, and Lilly Westbrook is struggling to conceal her career from family and friends because of the stigma attached to dime novels. Lilly feels good about her secret-after all, she’s enlightening working class girls with her books and honoring God by using her talents to His glory.

But her secret is threatened when Jackson Grail, a former suitor, becomes Lilly’s new publisher. He’s determined to revive his floundering publishing house by maximizing their most promising–and most secretive–author. His plan? Find “Fannie Cole” and convince her to go public.

When a gossip columnist discovers Lilly’s true identity, she finds that being faithful to her calling involves more than just putting pen to paper. It requires that she stand up for her faith and for herself, no matter the consequences.

As a new author to me Cara Lynn James is definitely an author that I will look for in the future. This fun first in a series is new from Thomas Nelson and is a very romantic historical fiction read. It takes place in Rhode Island and New York during a Golden Era and reading about the clothing and summer houses like Summerhill are quite enchanting. Even my mother had to borrow this one. I fully enjoyed both of our main characters and the book as a whole. Although, I did feel like in the second third of the book there were a few chapters that seemed to be rehashing out the same thing time and again and that got a little dull. Overall I was enchanted and entertained I look forward to more books including the Ladies of Summerhill series.

*Thanks to Thomas Nelson through FIRST Wild Card Tours for providing a copy for review.*

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