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As I go through some of the clothing that is from my childhood I have discovered some cloth labels that say in a blue print simply, “Made with Love by Mardi” or “Made Especially for you by Mardi”. I love those labels. They remind me of how good my mother is with a sewing machine and make me smile.
As we have started to try to get MadebyMardi up and running over on etsy ( I have been thinking about labels. There are limited things that I can do with my sewing and embroidery machines, but it would take forever to make labels that I really like and that is not something that I really want to spend my time on. Plus they would never look as good as those that my mother ordered from a catalog back in the day. But I have found the solution!!

*Thanks to ChicExecs I was introduced to Namemaker.*

Name Maker, Inc. was established in 1938 as a fabric label company in New York City. Bernie Bryan, president of Notions Unlimited, bought the company in 1950 and rebuilt all of the original machinery for an Atlanta plant. Bryan’s transformed brand first offered mass produced personalized nametapes, sewing labels, and custom made labels. Bryan’s daughter Cheryl Dorrell joined the business in 1990, working her way from marketing to president. She added and developed several new products along the way. In 1996, Bryan semi-retired to Las Vegas and Dorrell assumed direction of the company.

1938… hmm… this might even be that catalog that my mother ordered from. After all when I mean back in the day, I just meant the 70s-80s, goodness-me this might be the company that her mother and grandmother ordered craft labels from! I love that. Obviously with time on their side, this company knows what they are doing. Although they do not stop at just the clothing labels, and sewing craft labels that is what I was sent some samples of to review.

The labels that I remember from my childhood were almost always one color and might have had a small embroidery design on it in addition to the words. These samples are gorgeous. There are varying fonts in size and shape as well as various examples of an embroidery design in various colors (think of all the options with thread variations these days!!). They also sent some vary plain labels on a colored ribbon of fabric with a solitary font and color. It seems that there would be options for anyone and anything.

According to their website, it appears that there are many options of personalized ribbons, stickers, gift wrap, party supplies, stationary and more. It seems that this is a go-to place to get what you need for many different occasions.

I love to think that I may have found the perfect place to get the sewing and custom clothing labels that I might be able to make some things for AppleBlossom and other people that buy from MadebyMardi and have that tag that will show people for years where it came from and the love with which it was made. Custom items are so much better for the heart than the bulk assembly items. They are special and stand out and it is fabulous to be able to put one’s name and touch on it.

Looking at the website it appears that they sent me some “completely woven” labels that retail at $28.00 for 50 labels as well as some “woven designs” which begin at $16.00 for 20 labels. I personally find that for what I have in mind the woven designs are practically perfect. After time, I’m sure they would be paid for within the price of the crafts as well.

What do you think mama? I think we should order some. 🙂 I’m personally a fan of the  Style #35 HandMade By with buttons, but also the #30 Created By with spools of thread. Yet then there are so many others! Ones specific to quilting, and then there are handfuls that are just like the classic designs that I remember. I guess I would call them vintage labels. So many to love and choose from!!!

Be sure to check out their website as well as their blog. They can also be found on Twitter @NameMakerdotcom and Facebook. You can buy straight from their website. Hmm… now let me figure out which ones… Oh and go figure, they’re from my hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. Why is it find these great companies (like blabla) after I move?

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