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Time Out Quilts

Time Out Quilts by Atkinson Designs Genre: Quilt Pattern Book Pages: 28 pages Date Published: 2008 Publisher: Atkinson Designs My rating: 4 of 5 stars TIME OUT QUILTS #ATK-607 Traditional quilts in less time. If you can take the calories out of cheesecake by using low fat ingredients, why not take some of the time out of traditional quilts with a few shortcuts? 7 quilts in multiple sizes $16.95  I really loved making this Bricks and Stones quilt (~page 19). All of the other quilts in this book look great as well. I’m mostly finished, just adding the border and then the top will be complete. I found that the instructions were clear and the pictures were great. All and all this is a better of quilt books than some others I have messed with. In the future I would not hesitate to buy more books from Atkinson Designs. *I bought. . .

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