Pumpin’ Comfort Kit for Nursing Mothers

If you have been around my blog any little bit since AppleBlossom was born you may know that I’m breastfeeding. It is not something that I talk about much, but it is a fact. Now at almost a year old, we’re still making it. No idea how long we’ll go, not really worried about that. What I do worry about is pretty and proper coverage, which I often get with my wraps and slings and also my Nurf… but that’s another post for another day.

Early into our breastfeeding journey, I had a plugged duct repeatedly. Always on the same side in the same place. For a couple months it was like it just never really went away before it was back again with a vengeance. At that time we were still straggling by and I did not have a breast pump that worked for me really well. I did have a manual hand pump that SisterL bought in a hurry on a vacation that she sent me. And for my extreme engorgement in the beginning it would help, but it was a nightmare to use. Uncomfortable and blah blah blah… but enough of that. Long story short, at nine months of age we finally bought a pump at the advice of our local lactation consultant. Even though it was late, and most of my pumping days were over for this kiddo, she encouraged me that it the plugged duct came back, or the engorgement it would be worth it and that it would definitely be worth it if I planned to have any more children. So my wonderful relationship with my Ameda Pump began (hospital grade brand of Lansinoh).

Another great product introduced to me by my interaction with the MamaBzz team is the Pumpin’ Comfort Kit.  The Pumpin’ Comfort Kit was recently awarded the 2010 NAPPA (National Parenting Publications) Award.

It contains everything a mom needs to pump comfortably, including all three sizes of our Super Shields (angled flanges that allow a mom to sit back while pumping – the tapered design is more gentle on the breast tissue and creates a more comfortable pump session); our simple-to-use Hands-Free Strap; a mesh Air-Dry Accessory Bag to keep all your freshly-washed pump parts together; and a Pumping Guide for moms who are new to pumping.

Price: $29.95

Put out by: Pumpin’ Pal International

Pumpin' Comfort

My goodness would this have been nice to have from the beginning! Although at this point it is far and between whenever I have to pump since I am at home with our now toddler. In retrospect if we could have bought the decent pump up front and had this kit, I cannot even imagine how much easier things would have been in the beginning.

There were some times when I just wanted to give up. I hurt, I was really in so much pain and just could not figure things out. In the hospital I had full lactation, but could not get her to latch on without excruciating pain and that continued for a good week or so once we were home. Then once we did get going, I was told she’d nurse for thirty minutes at a time, but let me tell you, not my baby. Even now she does not go that long. Probably the longest she has ever nursed is about eight minutes. We finally decided that she must just nurse harder and faster than the average baby. But there were times when I would get the plugged duct and combine that with an AppleBlossom nursing strike and hints at mastitis and I was one unhappy mama. If I had had this kit and my pump, my oh my would life have been different.

The kit contains three sizes of flanges that are angled (medium, large and extra large) which make positioning so much easier on a mama. See the first video for an example (below). They really do provide comfort and a better flow and allow for much more relaxation that trying to make gravity work for you with your pump and regular flanges. BTW, and of course, they are BPA Free.

Also included in the kit is a hands-free breast pumping strap. So nice! And so much more simple than one of those shirts made specifically for pumping. It’s really great and so adjustable, you can use it with any shirt or outfit (or as in the second video, with nothing if you’re at home). Really it makes it so that you do not have to remove your shirt all the way and apparently it will fit almost any and all types of breast pumps. Honestly, I was surprised I had not heard of this item sooner!

Lastly the kit has “pocket guide” to breast pumping that has great advice and tips for new moms and working moms. As well as a mess bag for storage of your flanges. Really all and all this is a fabulous buy and well worth the money.

Feel free to watch these two short videos — the first shows the differences between Super Shields and traditional flanges and the other is a live demonstration of a mom using our Super Shields and Hands-Free Strap.

· http://tiny.cc/flange_comparison

· http://tiny.cc/PPI_LiveDemo

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