CuteyBaby, LLC features Modern Cloth Diapers

We are always on the lookout for some cute cloth diapers to add to our stash. Recently we discovered the Modern Cloth Diapers from CuteyBaby. They are cute! Thanks to ChicExecs for our introduction to CuteyBaby, LLC, we were sent an AIO (all-in-one) in Pink Gingham. Now who doesn’t love gingham for babies?

Ada Vaughan, founder and designer of CuteyBaby, LLC hits big box retail with her latest product, the Modern Cloth Diaper. CuteyBaby is currently running tests in major retail outlets here in the Midwest. Vaughan has created a variety of fun designs that make the ordinary diaper into an exciting article of clothing for every child.

::::::::::: “I’d like to make cloth diapering something that moms want to do instead of feel that they should do,” said Vaughan. CuteyBaby diapers feature cute printed outer fabrics for both boys and girls such as a green tribal print and big pink polka dot design. No pins or plastic pants required.

:::::::::::: CuteyBaby’s credo: Save money. Save the planet. Save your baby’s skin. :::::::::: CuteyBaby Modern Cloth Diapers are available on and in select retailers. For more information visit

There are some really great things about this diaper in addition to being cute. In similar fashion to Bummis Tot Bots AIO and Kissaluvs AIO (reviews coming soon…) the soaker will work itself out in the wash, so there is no unstuffing. The unique open channel interior design really is great for keeping messes in and the before wear inserting of the soaker layer is simple and fast. The fabrics both on the interior and the exterior of the diaper are so soft, plus the outer material choices are so cute.

We love our pink gingham!

On the sides there is one snap that makes you able to adjust the waist size to fit your baby in addition to having the open allowance of adjust-ability with the velcro. Lastly the thing that is completely unique and awesome are the removable velcro tabs! No more worries about did I fasten those laundry tabs. Here you just remove the hook part of the velcro connection and there is no wear and tear in the wash. Lovely!

CuteyBaby also has some diapering accessories such as:

Our latest accessories are the “Zip it, Baby!” Zipper Dry Bags in two sizes. You’ll love our waterproof soft fabric bag that’s perfect for keeping dirties separate until you’re ready to do laundry. We have a small 11 x 14″ size for on-the-go and nice big 24″ x 36″ size for your nursery. They are available in cool prints, just like the Modern Cloth Diaper.

CuteyBaby also developed a 100% viscose liner sheet called “Keep It Clean!” to help lift solids out of the diaper at changing time. These flushable, biodegradable liners come on a 100ct. roll and are a great addition to any cloth diapering system.

I really like the CuteyBaby’s Modern Cloth Diaper, it’s not my favorite for right now, as AppleBlossom has learned the trick of unfastening velcro, but they are really cute and soft. CuteyBaby Modern Cloth Diapers are available for sale on Amazon, if you head over to buy some, please consider using my affiliate link.

Connect with CuteyBaby:

If you can watch this great informative video about the Modern Cloth Diaper from CuteyBaby (I had a little trouble with getting it to load, but it is fully of information and ways for you to see just how this little treasure of a diaper works).

You might have better luck with watching this video to see how they work, but there is background noise. 🙂

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