InnoBaby Keepin’ Fresh Baby Food Storage System

We are still pretty new to the feeding solids game when it comes to AppleBlossom. Sure it’s been a few months, but I’m still learning. From buying jarred Beech-Nut to making my own purees and now chunky stuff, it’s all new and adventurous for me. The absolute best thing that I have found to help me in my journey to making my own baby food (in addition to my Annabel Karmel cookbooks) is the Keepin’ Fresh Baby Food Storage System from InnoBaby.

*Thanks to ChicExecs for the introduction to Innobaby LLC. Innobaby sent me a sample of the Keepin’ Fresh system.* It is awesome and worth every penny one could spend on it.

Innobaby LLC manufactures SMART juvenile
solutions for today’s smart parents.
From feeding to bedding, Innobaby offers high quality innovative products that are designed and tested by moms.
Our brands include Packin’ SMART, Stack N Seal, Nursin’ Smart, Keepin’ Fresh, DinDin SMART, Sleepin’ SMART, and Sittin’ SMART

Stage 1 consists of 90 ml round containers. Stage 2 are 110 ml and square, while Stage 3 is made of glass and contains 150 ml. They come in two packs with varying color lids and they are all fabulous. The food is kept so fresh, the portions really are perfect and they are oooh so portable. And the best part for when I make a big batch — straight from the Freezer to the Microwave (Or even just the fact that they can go in the freezer!) Airtight and Leakproof!! Absolutely perfect for homemade baby foods, diced fruits, veggies, and more. My only issue is figuring out how many sets I should buy for our storage needs. 🙂

Innobaby’s Keepin’ Fresh™ is 100% airtight and 100% leak-proof baby food storage solution. Lock in the freshness, prepare and store perfect potions, and keep baby foods securely contained at home and on-the-go.

Keepin’ Fresh™ series is designed with growing baby’s feeding needs and sized appropriately to prepare and store perfect portions for Stage 1 and Stage 2 solid feeding, including purees, cereals, breast milk, diced fruits, cheese cubes, snacks and more. Glass containers are specially designed for baking, freezing, and microwaving and are perfect for home made baby foods. Keepin’ Fresh™ containers are available in 2 packs and retails in between $7.99-$12.99 Please visit for more information.

What I love is that the storage usage is so open ended with these containers. If I had bought the breast pump early on, I would have been able to store breast milk in these, and then as we moved into purees and so on as well. These things will never outwear their welcome in our kitchen. I love the lids! The snap down on all four sides is so great, and I really prefer it to “normal” containers where you lift up on one side and sometimes slosh whatever the contents are all over your hand. Especially nice for liquids like purees and breastmilk.

You can buy various Innobaby products apparently at BRU (not my local store! online only I think),, and The Glass Baby Next on our wish list are the Packin’ Smart products for all our snacks on the go!! Those I know I can buy locally in our local baby furniture store BabyTime (Facebook).

I love these! Do not get me wrong, I love our Tupperware (as well as my TW Consultant SisterL), but these are really great for what I need. Toss it in the diaper bag and off we go!

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