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I have been so completely remiss in posting about this fabulous bowl! I have no excuse really, other than the fact that it is always in use and therefore I never bring it upstairs to sit and write the review. Usually with things I set them on my desk and that is my reminder and inspiration for writing a review. In this case, it’s used so much it never leaves the kitchen… hmm… I think we need more!!

The elegant design is easy to hold and deep enough for cereals and soups.After the feeding, simply store the bowl  in the refridgerator.  We’ve even fashioned the lid to be thinkbaby   orange, so it will be easy to locate in the pile of lids in your drawer.

–  Free of Bisphenol-A, PVC, Lead, Phthalates or Melamine

–  Highly sustainable product.  Interior made from stainless steel with polypropylene exterior.

–  Dishwasher Safe (top rack)

Soup bowl
Diameter – 10.5 cm
Depth – 4.5 cm
Holds: 300ml / 10 oz

We love our Think Baby bowl. Without hesitation I would suggestion the Think Baby Feeding Set containing a soup bowl, baby bowl, cup, spoon, fork and bento box. Pretty much our cabinet consists of one special Beatrix Potter set, my hand-me-down dishes from my childhood and our Think Baby Bowl, but we need more things for AppleBlossom to eat out of, especially as she is starting to really eat meals regularly now. (Thank goodness!)

The interior of the bowl comes out of the color shell and it is stainless steel and so easy to clean. This bowl is not microwave safe, but we are not a family that heats baby food currently. As she gets older we will look for microwaveable products, but for now that’s a null feature. We have an orange bowl and it is so easy to spot in the cabinet and drawers, and now they are available in blue! I love how easy it is to clean. I love the bright and festive color. I absolutely love the lid! When she does not finish a meal, the capability of putting the food straight in the fridge in the same bowl without involving plastic wrap or anything is a pure delight. Oh and then the other bonus, dishwasher safe (top rack). Lovely!

Think Baby has an awesome feeding set, but they have so many more neat products as well. A complete line of safe, non-toxic products from baby bottles, sippy cups, feeding sets, sports bottles, yoga mats and safe sunscreen. They are sold at main stores (although my local stores – Target, BRU etc do not seem to carry them) and on, The Glass Baby and Think Baby. AppleBlossom squeals when we get out her Think Bowl, because this one is toss to the floor tested and does not break! (so far 😉 ) Think Baby is a great company. I’m personally eyeing the bento box and the rest of the feeding set as well as addition bowls for AppleBlossom. You cannot go wrong. 🙂

*Thank to Rebecca Noble from Think Baby for sending us a bowl for review.*

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