• The Mystery of History

23 Questions about Hell by Bill Wiese

23 Questions About Hell contains to-the-point answers to the questions that Bill Wiese has most been asked about hell since his best-selling 23 Minutes in Hell first released. Each answer is based on the Word of God, and the combined answers provide a fresh understanding about some of life s Whys as they relate to hell and eternity. This book will clear up misconceptions and presuppositions about God s character, and about who goes to heaven, and who doesn t. It clearly demonstrates that we are held accountable for our decisions in life.

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A You’re Adorable

You’ll be delighted by this delicious traipse through the alphabet–now available in a sturdy board book format that’s perfect for babies and toddlers! Sing along as a lively company of children and pets scamper across these bright pages, climbing over and under and through the letters from A to Z. With warm and charming illustrations by Martha Alexander, this popular song of the 1940s is a ditty for your darling, a song for your sweetheart, a valentine for anytime!

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