Illustrated Study Bible for Kids from Holman Bible Publishers

Illustrated Study Bible for Kids
from Holman Bible Publishers
Genre: Children’s Study Bible
Ages: 6-10 years old
Pages: 1,148 Hardcover (also Leather Bound editions)
Date Published: February 1st, 2010 (orig. October 2008)
Publisher: Holman Bible Publishers, a division of B&H Publishing Group
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Illustrated Study Bible for Kids presents a fresh, colorful, and exciting approach to Bible study, unlike any other! Loaded with full-color maps, charts, reconstructions, and study helps, this edition brings the Bible alive in a way that will motivate, inspire, and equip young people to better understand God’s Word.

The colorful study helps combined with the Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB), help kids connect the people, places, and events in a clear and comfortable manner, giving them a foundation of biblical knowledge that they can build upon as they mature. The lessons they learn from this Bible will help them discover new ways to apply the Scriptures in their daily walk with the Lord.

Ideal for church, school, and home use, the Illustrated Study Bible for Kids is a Bible that will grow with your kids as they grow in Christ. Ages 6-10

When I was in second grade I received my first Bible for moving up to the next Sunday School class. It was black, leather bound, red letter and had my name engraved on the cover. A great Bible, but I do not remember reading it. The Bible that I remember spending the most time in was when I was in sixth grade and in my first Bible class at the private school I attended for two years. That Bible was colorful and had interesting inserts. I remember highlighting and writing all over that one. In that class we had to make all sorts of charts to remember the different sections of the Bible.

Well let me tell you, Holman Bible Publishers has all of the charts that I made in that class and more of the color than that old Bible dreamed of having in their new edition of the Illustrated Study Bible for Kids in Hardcover. I’m certain the two leather bound editions are just as awesome with one pink and the other brown with a cool design. This Bible is awesome! I wish it was the one that I had when I was first really learning the Bible…

At the very beginning there is a page called “The ABCs of Becoming a Christian” that highlights Admit, Believe and Confess with details. This is so great. Often it seems there will be an mature Christian able to help a new comer along, but to have it here and available at a query notice is really great. I told you a few weeks ago that my introduction to the Holman Christian Standard Bible translation was in The Apologetics Study Bible and I absolutely love that Bible (see my review). I would completely trust this Bible and translation with my daughter to delve into when she’s ready. The recommendation age is starting at age six, but I think you could easily read with a younger child and they would like the pictures, but for studying on their own six is a great age to begin. There is a really thorough Bible Dictionary for Kids and a neat chart with a Table of Weights and Measures to really bring the events and physical stories to life. The font is very clear and easy to read and as a favorite feature, this one is Red Letter in the words of Christ in the New Testament as well.

Every so often there is an insert of pages that has a great feature to help learn details of the Bible for instance a page about The Books of Law that gives a short fact about Genius, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. There is then a map that features something valuable of the current scripture you may be reading. The next page is a family genome that is totally cool! This is exactly the kind of thing that I would be writing out in my own time back in school to figure out who was related to who and which son went where. This is awesome! Also under each descendants name is a scripture reference where you can find more about them. Then the last page of the first section of inset pages is another chart that I remember making over and over again in school. A list of the Books of the Old Testament divided into Law, History, Poetry, Major Prophets, Minor Prophets, and below that the New Testament in Gospels, History, Paul’s Letters, General Letters and Prophecy. This page is so vibrant and colorful, it is very pleasing to the eye and will easily help your child remember and memorize where each book is located.

All in the rest of the Bible are tons more Study Helps (insert of pages) that are really quite cool. I love this Bible and I think that it is a great fun and I think that any kid would agree. I cannot recommend this one any more highly for your kiddo. This is awesome!

*Thanks to Robin Patterson of B&H Publishing Group for sending me a copy*

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Features include

* Complete text of the popular Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)
* Study helps include

  • The Ten Commandments for Kids
  • Test Your Bible Knowledge
  • How to Have a Quiet Time
  • Plan of Salvation
  • 7 full-color reconstructions
  • Topical concordance for kids
  • Bible dictionary for kids

* Large, easy-to-read type
* Presentation page
* Words of Jesus in red text

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