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Baby Blessings Bible by Alice Joyce Davidson

Baby Blessings BibleBaby Blessings Bible by Alice Joyce Davidson
Genre: Children’s Bible
Date Published: September 1st, 2009 (orig. 2000)
Publisher: Standard Publishing
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Baby Blessings books are designed to stimulate multisensory learning in the context of Christian faith and are perfectly tailored for the growth process of babies and toddlers. They focus on simple Bible stories or Christian values. Each book in the line includes early-learning features to help children learn to use language as they discover more about their world and God’s Word.

The baby-focused features of the Baby Blessings line remind everyone that “Every Baby Is a Blessing!”

This padded board book for babies and toddlers includes 10 of the best-loved stories from the Old and New Testaments, from Creation to Easter. Each story includes a Scripture reference and a prayer, and there are also simple ideas and questions help parents extend learning and interaction.

When Sunday mornings come we always have to make sure we have the Bible bag ready to go. The contents usually consist of Mama’s Bible, a babbie, pacifier (for whining emergencies), burb cloth, extra cloth diaper, various teething toys, a touch and feel board book, a stuffed animal and more toys to find the perfect thing to entertain AppleBlossom quietly during the sermon. My bag was not meant to be a diaper bag, but it has kinda turned into one. Well now that was the Bible bag before we introduced the Baby Blessings Bible.

Now of course we still need a babbie and an extra diaper and Mama’s Bible. But not a plethora of toys. All we carry now is the Baby Blessings Bible, which because of it’s red little handle AppleBlossom is very proud to tote around herself when she’s walking about. This Bible is perfect for Sunday mornings and really any time when you want to share the Bible with your child. We absolutely love it. There are textures to touch and feel and scriptures to learn with images and verses. The cover is soft and squishy (and cleans easily). We have gotten our hands on quite a few different baby Bibles and AppleBlossom agrees this one is absolutely the best!

*Thanks to Bret Abner of Standard Publishing for providing a copy for review.*

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