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Good morning oh bloggy buddies of mine. How are you? Every once in a while I get request for more personal posts, and really if you read my reviews, each and every one of them is personal in a bit. I’m not a formal reviewer, it’s just not my style so much, but usually they are formal enough to get by. Even though my format for each review is the same (here and there) my thoughts on the books will often give tidbits on my current life. Posts that are bookish, but usually review-free are labeled with {Preview} in the title (unless I forget). On Monday I shared with you my Meal Plan for the week, but did not get out my bookish post, because of a couple things… I have not brought my camera upstairs to download the photos and I just did not have time.

This past week was great, while I visited my SisterL with AppleBlossom. I brought home a few recipes and some inspiration for cooking. Monday night we had a fail, over cooked ham with a screaming toddler and box sweet mashed potatoes that I was not a fan of, however the Enginerd loved it. Last night was a good bit better with a remake of a soup recipe brought home with us. It is from the Real Simple Family 2010 magazine. Although we threw in a few changes, by using bone-in drums instead of thighs and my grocery store only had boneless thighs, although I’m sure I could have gone that direction as well. Yet, the choice was made because they were the same price and the drums were Organic. 🙂

Tonight should be the good-ole Sweep Steak from the I Hate to Cook Book. Interesting thing that. I mentioned to AppleBlossom’s Grandmama the book and she said, “Wait is that Peg Bracken’s I Hate to Cook Book? You know that’s where many of my favorite staple recipes are from. Oh you should see my copy!” Well she sent pictures, and I’m amazed! (More on this with my review later…)

Sadly, some of the gluten-free recipes will have to wait because I’ll need to make a special trip to the city to Whole Foods for some ingredients that my near-the-edge-of-nowhere grocery stores do not carry.

Other thoughts… I love my idea for a website dedicated solely to Christian Historical Fiction, but without guest posts it’s a lot for me to do on my own or people think it’s boring and not very active. I have discovered another website’s format that I love for a community atmosphere, now I’m just trying to get my brother to respond to my emails about it… fishing… hmph.

Let’s see, more on the interesting bit with me. (Kimbe are you listening?) I guess you could say I was having a bit of digestive issues that ended in a bacteria infection. No idea how that started, and apparently it could have started a hundred different ways. Now on a ridiculously gross tasting, automatically dissolving it seems antibiotic that should be taking care of itself. We’ll see. Also, on the dietary front… Long story short. A few years ago, I was seeing a Naturopath (most are great, I found a wrong one apparently) and was taking freeze dried bovine cortisol and gained 60 lbs in the six months or so before my wedding. No matter what I do, I have not been able to lose that weight. Through diets and stringent exercise routines and back the only time I ever lost weight was when I was pregnant, and at the end it all came back anyhow. We’re still breastfeeding, so who knows what will happen when that stops.

There’s a little bit of compare and contrast for you. Even in the biggest photo I’m still the smallest size! (Oh and the last photo is guest showing one of SisterL’s daughter #2 of 3). Oh and for the curious, here’s a current…

So anyway, that’s another reason why I’m curious about getting proper meal planning and such going on. Even though it did not work in the past, maybe it could now. I’ve never had a bad diet really, but I’m sure it could be more well balanced. If anything I probably can be accused of not eating enough. Apparently that’s supposedly part of my problem. Not eating enough and then my body is in a starvation-mode. It thinks I’m in the midst of a famine I’ve been told. Yet everything you hear in mainstream diet world, is that if you’re overweight you’re eating too much, so then it all just works against me and I eat less. *sigh*

Earlier this week in conversation I came across some interesting possibilities. Off and on I seem to struggle with a bit of depression. Interestingly enough I have been great since finding out I was pregnant in December 2008. Recently things have changed a little and there has been a day here and there where all is not well. It could be a million things of course, but really there is no reason to be feeling this way and it’s the same feeling I recognize from years past. There is no trigger, it’s just a wake up one morning and know it’s going to be rough day or week. One person said that there is some research going on that relates depression to inflammation, especially around places such as neurotransmitter passageways. Then later I was told that it is a common thing for people to suffer from inflammation if they have a wheat allergy.

Umm… red blinking light? Another close and personal source tells me:

What is basically happening is that your immune system becomes overly involved in dealing with the wheat and is effectively ‘distracted’ from doing other things. Those things might include digestion, but could also include other tasks, like regulating hormones and neurotransmitters, which can result in stuff like mood disorders.

I’ve started looking into it a little bit and I’m interested to see if there might be a possibility of my being celiac or having a wheat intolerance. First interesting statement: Celiac disease results in malabsorption of nutrients. Making it for some people to seem in starvation mode and keep on weight instead of losing any… Now let me just throw out a few key words: depression, diabetes (gestational in my case), infertility (2+ years to get AppleBlossom by blessing of ovulation once!), obesity/overweight, gall bladder issues (had my removed at 18 years old, it’s bizarre to have issues before 40)…  All this might prove to be very interesting, or very coincidental. Who knows?

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  • Margaret,

    If I had known you were looking for guest posts for CHF, I would’ve gladly volunteered. If you need me for that with this new venture you’re working on, let me know. 🙂
    Christy´s last blog post ..Book Review- Menu for Romance by Kaye Dacus

  • I TRY to do something a bit different with my review posts but I tend to follow the crowd for the most part. I know of at least one blogger who just includes her sponsors in her personal posts, but she has SO many followers it’s nuts. lol How do people do that? Guess they’re just super amazing and are able to get that across in their blog well. She’s not exactly a review blogger either, though.

    As far as health and diet and depression, I hate having to figure out my body. I have had a host of health problems and been overweight and depressed as well. When you’ve been skinny for most of your life it’s a bit of a pain. I tend to eat without thinking or constantly when I’m depressed or not feeling good, and when I’m not feeling good I feel depressed, so it can be a horrible cycle that is hard to stop. It’s something I pray about, though.

    Thanks for the wonderful personal post, now I’m thinking about what I want to put up. I don’t want to just complain about feeling miserable while being pregnant, haha.
    Lindsey@Kindred Spirit Mommy´s last blog post ..Reliving Wonderful Disney Memories with Beauty and the Beast- The Diamond Edition!

    • Linds, thank you. I just put up two book recommendations for you lovie. 🙂

  • I love reviews like yours where people add a bit of the personal.

    I’m trying to make diet changes as well. I’m not overweight, but I recently found out I do have high cholesterol (while my husband who eats exactly what I do doesn’t…but that’s another story..grrr). Also I tend to throw something together, especially since I’ve started homeschooling. Maybe I will check out this I Hate to Cook Book.
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