Dinner ♥

I wish that I were able to portray the smell through this picture, but I cannot. The picture does not even look that glamorous, but let me tell you… Yummy. The kitchen has smelled divine these last three days in my cooking extravaganza and I’m inspired more and more each day. (And the Enginerd doesn’t mind either!) Tonight’s Sweep Steak from the I Hate to Cook Book. Lindsey, girl, get this book! Oh, and on second thought… My wonderful UPS man delivered two more books today. The Betty Crocker Christmas Cookbook and the Better Homes & Gardens NEW Cookbook, both 2010 publications. Um. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! More on those books and their recipes to come, I promise. 🙂 Yes, that’s a steak. That’s a steak that is falling apart by fork and the juices… oh the juices. mmm…

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Food & Prayer. Prayer & Food?

Good morning lovelys. Funny thing, I give you a personal post and only one comment. *sigh* Posting for myself this AM, I’ll just have you know. 🙂 (With a fussy toddler in the background… Did you know it was the end of the world? That’s what she says… *sigh*) First thing this morning, I was reading in Henri Nouwen’s Spiritual Direction about prayer. As we learn how to pray, somewhere along the way we experience the crying out to God about our needs as a monologue, a one-sided affair. And even when prayer becomes a dialogue, with God speaking and answering our prayers, we long for more of God’s presence. The truth is that prayer is more than feeling, speaking, thinking, and conversing with God. To pray also means to be quiet and listen, whether or not we feel God is speaking to us. More than anything, prayer is primarily. . .

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NIV Bible for Teens

The most read, most trusted Bible translation in a go-anywhere size.

With features that will help you understand the Bible better, this NIV Bible measures less than an inch thick, so it’s easy to take with you any place you go… school, church, wherever!

Features: Complete New International Version (NIV) text of the Bible—the most read, most trusted Bible translation Presentation page for gift giving Words of Christ in red NIV concordance to help locate verses or topics Eight pages of full-color maps Extra-thin edition—less than one inch thick Ribbon marker.

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