Boon Odd Ducks – Not Your Average Rubber Ducky

Have you seen the Boon Odd Ducks? They are awesome! As a matter of fact the more I learn about Boon products, the more impressed I am. AppleBlossom’s first rubber ducky experience was not quite a normal one either though, as that Elegant Baby duck is lavender with white polka dots…

BpA-Free, Phthalate-Free, PVC-Free

Not Your Average Rubber Ducky. Kids are all different shapes and sizes, shouldn’t rubber ducks come that way too? Meet Slim, Bob, Jane and Squish. We’re not trying to encourage a rubber ducky smackdown, but Odd Ducks are PVC-free, unlike those other mucky ducks. And ours do not hold water, so they won’t grow that black mold that kids always try to suck out.

Meet Jane, she’s my favorite. Her only downfall is that after a good bit of play she started to take on water. She’s not suppose to do that, but we still love her anyway. (It was after all a fluke). She is beautiful and the perfect shape and size to grip and play with in the tub. AppleBlossom and Jane are quite bosom buddies.

Then there is Slim. To my mind he’s Jane’s closest duck pal. He’s a gorgeously handsome shade of blue and is slim skinny as can be. He also is such a great fit in her little toddler hands that he has started accompanying us to the highchair…

Squish is cute, and although a bit top heavy he is fun to bob around the water. He shows of real duck characteristics of dipping ones head in search of fish… A great yellow color with differences that set him apart from mainstream duckies.

Then there is Bob. He is ultimately the odd duck. With orange and white stripes much like a cow, he’s a hoot! He spins and spins and twirls upon the water and floats perfectly. His head is very grab-able, and apparently tastes good too…

Even SisterL loves Boon! As I was visiting, I noticed in the bathroom the Boon Frog Pod bath toy holder, and the Flo water spout. I was pleasantly surprised to realize the frog was a large as it was, as I had assumed by pictures that it was much smaller. Definitely something going on our wish list.

“Boon seems to have gotten inside the minds of not only conscientious parents but also children to know what they’d love to have. The tub toy frog and water fountain (faucet cover that adds bubble bath) are our absolute favorites.

We also love the suction cup bowl but are looking forward to the next generation of the spoons & plate that didn’t hold up as well as we’d like–not to mention more color choices there would be nice. Sadly, coming from a family with many children, they did not last a year through even one child using them (and weren’t used daily).”


Retailing at around $5.99 you really cannot go wrong with the Odd Ducks. I’d buy them again or for a friend in a heartbeat. They’re sold at as well as BRU, Target, and more. Online there are hundreds of places to buy them from including,, and to name a few.

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*Thanks to Boon Inc for providing a set of Odd Ducks for review.*

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  1. Oh my goodness, my daughter would LOVE these! She’s crazy about rubber ducks and these are the cutest I’ve seen yet!
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