SnapMe Swimwear

Snap Me Swimwear Infant and Toddler snap swimsuits
Introducing SnapMe Swimwear,,
a bathing suit which eliminates frustrating diaper changing and potty training at the beach or pool!

SnapMe Swimwear has snaps in the bottom
to make changing a diaper under a bathing suit so much easier.

No more hassle trying to get the suit off in time!
SnapMe Swimwear makes potty training a breeze!
It’s a SNAP!

This year we did not get much in as for swimming with AppleBlossom. But next year we’re prepared! Snapme Swimwear has so many cute designs and swimsuits. I just love them. I just know that next year this suit will fit her perfectly, and even this year it served it’s purpose just fine. Even though we are a cloth diapering family, and thus usually use cloth swim diapers, this suit is too cute for words. Gladly I would reach for this one on a picnic or any pool side outing. In future years as we journey to pools and perhaps even the beach I definitely would reach for our SnapMe Swimwear suit.

With snaps at the bottom, no need to peel a wet suit of a squirmy baby. As simple as any other daily diaper change. I love it! Also see another review from my friend Lindsey that I found over at and her thoughts on SnapMe Swimwear.

*Thanks to ChicExecs for the introduction and to SnapMe Swimwear for sending AppleBlossom this vibrant suit to review.*

OK Moms, Dads, and everyone!!! Finally Fashion Meets Function… If you are a mom, I’m sure you’ve been in the position of having to try and change your little one’s diaper at the pool, beach or lake without getting your child totally naked, but unfortunately that is a impossible feat if your child is wearing a one-piece. Buying a two piece would be the logical answer, but I’m not a big fan of two pieces on a baby, so I have to resort to a “diaper scramble” as I call it when changing my babies diaper in the public. SnapMe Swimwear has come to the rescue of mothers everywhere with a suit that has snaps in the crotch so you no longer have to peal baby from her soaking wet bathing suit to changer her diaper. If you have a toddler who’s learning to potty train, scurrying to peal a sandy wet suit off before an accident occurs won’t be an issue because she will be able to quickly unsnap her suit and go to the potty with ease! Finally!!!

Buy it!!

Head on over to and see all the cute patterns they have to offer! I think I love them all. 🙂

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