The Sweetest Story Bible

This Bible storybook designed for young girls relates the sweet moments in every little girl’s life to timeless truths found in God’s Word. Forty carefully selected stories, each concluding with a Sweet Thought (a summary statement) and Sweet Words (a Bible verse), help girls grasp the sweetness of God’s love for them.

The sweetest things surround your little girl’s life: hearts and flowers, kittens and puppies, umbrellas and tea parties, kisses and hugs. But the sweetest thing of all in her life is God’s love.

The Sweetest Story Bible includes forty carefully selected Bible stories that show how much God loves his people and your little girl. Sweet thoughts to think about and easy Scripture verses to remember are included with each story to connect a little girl’s life to God’s Word. This storybook Bible will help her see just how wonderful God’s love really is.

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Church Home

What is it about your church home that makes it so special? What is it that makes it home? I grew up in one church that when I think of where I want to be, an environment like that is what I want for my daughter’s childhood. When I was a driving teenager I ventured out elsewhere because of differences and peer pressure, but I found another great church home that I loved for a year or two. When I was in college thanks to my friend Aaron I found a church home that felt like family more than anywhere else ever has. Since my Enginerd and I started dating we’ve always been looking for that right fit, the church home for us. He went with me to the church I attended in college, but after we were married we moved to a different town and there was no right. . .

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