2010 Christian Fiction Holiday Reading Challenge

At the beginning of the year I started the first annual Christian Historical Fiction Reading Challenge, and now I’m excited to start a second one taken from the idea of All About {n} in the Holiday Reading Challenge. (Oh, the 2010 CHF challenge ends December 31st also!)All About {n}

Maybe I’m crazy, but I’m having a really hard time putting together a list for myself of Christmas Christian Historical Fiction reads. Help me by listing any and all suggestions of books you can think of. Also, if there is a book that is not really Christmas, but has a good bit of Christmas in it, tell me about those as well… It’s amazing, but I think that there are a whole lot more contemporary Christmas books rather than historical. Authors, please fix that in future years!

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Challenge Requirements:
1- Challenge will start Monday, November 15 and will end Friday, December 31.
2- You can read anywhere from 1 to 5 books for the challenge and, of course, if you’re like me, you are more than welcome to surpass that number.
3- And now, here’s the clincher… they must be Christmas Christian Fiction related books.
4- The size of the book does not matter, nor does the genre. It is also okay for the book to overlap with other challenges. YA is okay. Audio, Re-reads, eBooks, and other formats are all allowed. As long as the book can by purchased it counts.
5- To sign up – leave a link back to your challenge post. There will also be a post for review links as well as one for challenge wrap-ups.
6- And…. there will be goodies. That’s right, we’ll call them presents. At the end of every week that the challenge is running I will choose one winner from the review links. Meaning the more books you read, review and link up, the more chances you have at winning a “present”.
If you’d like to sign up for the 2010 Holiday Reading Challenge, please link up your challenge post with the list of books you plan to read (this list is not set in stone and can be changed as you please):
Come back on November 15 for links to review posting and wrap-ups.

Participants sign up here!

Link your reviews here:
Format: MJ @ Creative Madness Mama (A Hope Undaunted by Julie Lessman)

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The Creative Madness Mama also known as Margaret is a Christian Stay-at-home Mama, married to the Enginerd, Quilter, avid reader and book-a-holic. Assistant Director of FIRST Wild Card Tours and book blogger for bunches of different publicists. She loves to share the latest and greatest about books coming out as well as her quilt and other crafty projects with some pictures of her toddler AppleBlossom and wobbler OrangeBlossom in between. Plotting to be a homeschooler, she's a cloth diapering, breastfeeding, babywearing, list making mama full of a little creative and a lot of madness.


2010 Christian Fiction Holiday Reading Challenge — 22 Comments

    • My blog here is copy & paste protected, that’s why I link to the CHF@CMM blog to show the html for the button. It is grab-able there. Sorry for the confusion. Let me know if they’re still an issue and I’ll fix it!

    • No, you’re right there is a formatting issue in the post. I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong. It’s on the sidebar now (grab-able) at CHF@CMM.

      Hopefully this will work.

      I’ll email you. It should be fixed on the CHF@CMM page now though…

  1. Hi, Margaret! So I’m not sure I understand how this works. Do I post that I’m doing this and link that post to your blog here? And then on November 15 you’ll have a linky for reviews. But what are wrap ups? And do I just post a list of the books I’m reading somewhere on my sight? . . . Sorry for all the questions, but I’m new to some of this blog hop stuff! Blessings!
    Renee Ann´s last blog post ..On becoming a techno geek and free books

    • Not a problem at all! Write a post stating that you are jumping into the challenge. Say whatever you want and share a list of books that you might read. Then on November 15th and later you can come back to Creative Madness Mama and share a link to any posts you have written reviews of said books.

      A wrap up is a post that you write once you have completed the challenge. Then you can link that back here so people will be able to come and see and comment on your reads/progress etc.

      Ask me anything! I’ll help if I can. Did this clarify some?

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  10. I am really enjoying this challenge, but as I look over my list of books, I’m thinking that most of them don’t truly meet the criteria — most of the Christmas books I’m finding are either not Christian, or not historical, like the link I added today, really doesn’t fit — it’s not historical. Are you having a hard time finding books that fit, or is it just me?
    Kati´s last blog post ..Unwrapping Christmas by Lori Copeland

    • I’m having a horrid time finding books that fit! That’s actually one reason for the challenge, to see what other people bring to the table. It actually was originally a CHF challenge, but due to the uh… handful of books I thought of I decided to open it up to anything Christian Fiction instead. I’m still just glad you’re participating!

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