The Christmas Story from the Family Reading Bible

The Christmas Story from the Family Reading Bible by Jeannette Taylor, Doris Wynbeek Rikkers
Genre: Christmas Bible Study & Guide
Pages: 96 paperback or hardcover
4.1 wide x 6.8 high x 0.2 deep in.
Date Published: September/Oct 2010
Publisher: Zondervan

The Family Reading Bible Christmas Story enables families to read the story of Christ’s birth together, engaging the whole family with the Word of God, while learning and growing in their understanding of the Bible as a family.

This seasonal gift book is more than the story of Christ’s arrival in Bethlehem.

Selections from The Family Reading Bible begin in the Old Testament and lead you from the promise of a Savior to the birth of Jesus Christ.

I believe it was in August when I discovered the treasure of the Family Reading Bible from Zondervan (head back to read my long thoughts and review here). Now I am so excited to be able to also share with you about The Christmas Story from the Family Reading Bible.

I have to say that when I first saw the cover variations between the hardcover book and the mass market paperback book I was leaning toward liking the paperback that matches the cover of the Family Reading Bible, but after getting them in my hands, I think it if I were choosing between them again I would choose the hardcover. They are the same size, same content, just different covers. I think both will last, but I think that the hardcover one would be ideal especially if you are celebrating Christmas on the go. Then the best of the scripture verses and the readings are right there with you possibly in a pocket ready to be read and shared.

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Considering the concept of the Family Reading Bible: Without a doubt I think that this is the best Bible concept ever that I have found. Start (and keep) a family tradition of reading the Bible together. How important that is! Yet, then how often do you find people that really keep to it? In my own Bible study, I’m a little her and there and everywhere reading what is currently applying to me and my interests. The children in our lives are so important and guiding them to grow in a family of faith that knows their Bible is so valuable. As the back cover states the fact: Maintaining your kids’ interest in family Bible reading can be difficult for any parent. Where to start? How to keep them interested? How to connect it all to everyday life?

All and all, I think this is the best Bible I have yet to get my hands on. I cannot believe that the idea for such a Bible was not readily available previously. The “about” section tells it all in how the concept was started from the simple statement of “I wish I could find a Bible to use for family devotions.” Well they have that here and more. A great foundation to help parents to teach their children, build and maintain an interest in God’s word, and keep children engaged. Absolutely love it.

*Thanks to Rachel Mars of Zondervan for providing a copy for review.*

Download Great Christmas Resources For Your Family

This holiday season take time to read the whole Christmas story as a family. Explore the true meaning of this season with your children. We would like to offer you a free download of our Christmas Story Reading Chart and The Christmas Story excerpted from the Family Reading Bible.

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  • The Christmas Story – From The Family Reading Bible – Download Now

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