AppleBlossom Less than 1st Percentile

In previous posts, you may have heard minute mention about my daughter AppleBlossom being small. Well today we went to see an Endocrinologist. Our pediatrician said, it was not “absolutely necessary” at this point, but might be a good starting point to see why she is so small. Her height is fine with an average mama and above average father (according to the endocrinologist) at 30 inches, she’s growing there fine, I believe that is now the 25th percentile, when she had been steady at the 10th. Not a problem, just fine and neat. It is her weight that is in question. Up until about 12 months she was right on proportionally, but then she lost weight, and has since then not really gained any back.

No it was not when she started walking and no it was not when she changed from 100% breast milk to some whole milk and pureed foods. There does not seem to be a correlation. So she is 18 lbs. FINALLY! We’ve been working on that 17 pounds and I am very excited to see 18. That puts her in the almost less than first percentile. That’s something? Right…?

In the appointment, she had her blood drawn like a big girl. It was horrible! I was there holding her arm with mama strength and singing in her ear. It was interesting actually. Her favorite lullaby is an African praise song that I learned at camp so many years and it just something that came to me when she was itty bitty and now it’s the main one I sing. So there was this very dark skinned fabulously nice nurse taking her blood while white as can be pale me was singing and African praise song. She gave me a funny look at first, but then just smiled. Guess that would be interesting to her. 😉 The endocrinologist told me that we need to really make sure she gets three FULL meals a day AND three whole snacks with no skipping and such. She said to poor on the butter and add eggs to everything and so on and so on…

Then of course today. She eats nothing. Breakfast refused. Drank a little milk and ate a fruit twist. Lunch, ate two chick-fil-a waffle fries and two chicken nuggets, refused any more. Snack, nada. Dinner – crackers and two sippy cups of milk. *sigh* What are you doing to me! Why won’t you eat?!? She isn’t usually this picky, but having the feeling of really paying attention and wanting her to eat and having her refuse is really painful.

Have you had a picky eater or one that just will not eat? What did you do? Were there any medical implications like this situation?

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  • It’s funny. I just posted about my little boy being so small. 🙂 We’re actually going through this EXACT same thing right now. He’s 2 years, 2 months and 30 inches and 19 pounds, so he’s not even on the charts, but he never has been.
    We had to go through the blood work, too, and it broke my heart. That same day, he has already had two shots for vaccinations and the flu mist and then they had to do all the blood work. A sucker seemed to make it a little better, though. 🙁
    We’re scheduled to see an endocrinologist, but they’re so backed up it won’t be till next July. (this is at The Children’s Hospital) Needless to say, his pediatrician is begging for an earlier appointment. And she’s prescribed him to 16 ounces of pediasure a day. But he’s a picky eater, too! Some days he really won’t eat much of anything and others he eats all day. I’m so glad to know I’m not alone!(Well, I’m not glad your daughter’s a picky eater, but you know what I mean) 🙂 My little boy is so behind with everything, I feel like everyone thinks I’m not trying.
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    • I was so on edge this morning. I just knew I was going to get there and they were going to tell me I was a horrible mother and guilty of malnutrition and depriving my daughter. I just knew they were going to convince me that it was all my fault. I know exactly how you feel! I’m shocked to hear he’s twice her age, but at the same time that gives me hope. Perhaps some people are just small. I’m a… well… I guess I’d say average kinda of person, not skinny, but not fat either. Never have been much either way. But my husband’s sisters are both really small. We’re all 5’4″, (‘m 5’4″ 3/4 I’ll have you know!) but one sister is like a size 4/6 and the other is a double 00!! So perhaps… maybe… it’s just the genetics on his side and nothing really wrong.

  • I probably should have mentioned he was extremely premature. 🙂 No wonder you were shocked. He had to be taken at 27w/6days due to a bad placenta. He was classified as a 26 weeker and still small for that. His biggest hang-up in the NICU was weight and learning to eat. But apparently, he should be caught up a lot more than what he has. I’m 5’5′ and my husband is 5’9′-5’10 ish. His pediatrician said she doesn’t see him getting to the height he should at the rate he’s growing, so he will probably need growth hormones. :S
    But some babies really are small. My husband’s cousin’s little girl was so small, they did all kinds of tests and she’s fine, just small. 🙂 I definitely wouldn’t worry, though. Especially with such small family. (This coming from somone with no medical experience) 😉
    Tammy(Bluerose)´s last blog post ..Speech Therapy

    Tammy(Bluerose) recently posted: Speech Therapy
    • Ah, well AppleBlossom was definitely not premature. I actually had gestational diabetes. She was born at 37 1/2 week 8 lbs 2.3 oz 19″. After we brought her home, she didn’t double her weight in the next two weeks or whatever it is they are suppose to do. Then she’s been slow to gain in general. Isn’t it amazing how journeys can be so similar and yet strikingly different? Thank you so much for sharing with me about your son!