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WIP Wednesday at Freshly PiecedHave you noticed the background of my blog? Do you know what that is? It’s a quilt block. When was the last time you saw something quilt-like on my blog? 🙁 This blog started as a way to share my current quilt projects with my mom and sisters. (I know one sister reads daily, and my mom has started reading more and more…) But there are hardly any quilt projects here. *sigh*

Frankly I’m unhappy with my blog. With blogging in general. I feel like I keep getting disappointed about lack of interaction and this that and the other. (Woah, that was a different blog post that has merged into this one, sorry.. more on that later.) I need more sewing, quilting and cross stitching in my life in addition to in my blog.

In case you missed it, is up and running and I’ve been busy filling some Crayon Apron orders. (It’s not too late to get some by Christmas!) 

In addition to the Crayon Aprons, I have been working on some cross stitch again. I posted my starting pictures and status a few days ago… okay a week. Here is an update on that WIP. I have not spent as much time as I would like on it, but there’s something.

Also there is another sampler cross stitch that I have been working on for a while now… I just need time to sit and do it. Anyone know how I can hold a book and read it while cross stitching at the same time (outside of audio books)???

I know this one is a little hard to see… I haven’t put in any darker thread colors quite yet.

Oh a wreath… that’s in the spirit of the season… right?

Ooh Look! A QUILT!

In an effort to encourage myself to do more… I’m going to try to participate in this meme from Freshly Pieced (something I only just discovered today!). So come on readers, cheer me on!

Ongoing Projects:

Wuthering Heights Quilt for SisterB

The Green Quilt

Mama’s Dresden Plate…

Daddy’s Fish…

Blue Flannel Quilt

Scrappy Quilt

Completed tops STILL awaiting quilting:

Blue Hydrangea Quilt (more pictures)

Lamb in Daisies Quilt

Batik Stars

PJ Barkle Quilt —> Quilted except the borders. I cannot decide what to do. Opinions welcome!


Turning Twenty and He Loves Me

It’s Snowing Christmas

Christmas Shepard and Lambs

Bricks and Stones

Enginerd’s Butterfly Quilt


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  • Hello! I saw your post and had to come over to read what it was about. I’m a cross stitcher too and haven’t done any stitching in quite awhile. I wish there was a way i could read and stitch at the same time! I guess I could listen to audio books too. Sometimes it hard to get motivated.
    I checked out your work and i love the sampler, very cute! Looks like you got a good start on it.
    Good luck with it all, I’ll cheer you on! 🙂

  • Lookin’ good! I’ve been thinking about posting some of my craft projects online, but haven’t decided where I should do it. I have another blog (it’s supposed to technically be my kids’ blog) and I could put stuff on there, but I’m having trouble getting things to work correctly lately and haven’t had the time to fight with it, and I’m not sure my book blog is the right place either. I love seeing what you’re working on … and I enjoy easing your blog. Both inspire me to do more. Keep up the good work!
    Kati´s last blog post ..Unwrapping Christmas by Lori Copeland

    • I’m all about putting it together. For instance, it’s this crafty post that has more comments than my book reviews ever do!

  • Love the progress on your latest cross-stitch project! I started a craft blog over the summer, but haven’t done anything with it. I, too, was debating whether or not I should combine my craft projects with my book blog….hmmmm, decisions. You really have inspired me to pick up a needle and thread and do some stitching! 😉
    Christy´s last blog post ..Wednesday Hodge Podge

    Christy recently posted: Wednesday Hodge Podge
    • Awesome! I’m so glad that I can inspire!!! 🙂 We’ll have to start our own craft guild with show’n tell. I was so dreaming about that last night…

  • Oh wow that’s so cool! I’ve never tried cross stitching before but I do embroider on ocassion. One thing I’d really like to learn to do is crochet but I don’t know if I’d have the time. but if you have a baby and can sew and cross stitch and blog surely I can knit right? LOL

    XOXO~ Renee
    Renee C.´s last blog post ..Waiting on Wednesday- Out of Control The Kincaid Brides- Book 1 by Mary Connealy

    • LOL 😉 Sure if you want to think of that way. Currently I feel like I have no time for anything… but I’ll survive. We’re in a very “mama is my world” time frame right now. I went to a class and remember that I really did well with knitting. (Made a washcloth…) but I haven’t tried since then. It always seems if I have a moment I want to quilt and if I have less than a moment, or I’m on the go, I cross stitch. One time when I got a whole lot done I was at the Enginerd’s sister’s graduation. I finished almost a whole stocking!

  • I love your sampler. I have one I started in 1994… I got off on the stitching and got frustrated about how to finish the border. I need to dust it back off.

    Have you considered joining an online quilting bee. There is a flickr group The Old Red Barn Quilt Along that posts quilt along tutorials every month and then members of the group post pictures of their version of the quilt. All of the old tutorials are online and you can join, quilt and post about whatever quilt along project you are working on. It is a good way to get some quilting interaction. Here is the site:

    Good luck!

    • Actually every time I looked at an online quilting bee before they were closed due to high membership! I will definitely look at this one! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Lee

    Whew, nice job on that embroidery! I’ve never done any embroidery so I am always extremely impressed with those who do. : )

    The crayon aprons are super cute, they should make great Christmas gifts.

    Thanks for linking up with WIP Wednesday—have a productive week!
    Lee´s last blog post ..WIP Wednesday Link-Up

    Lee recently posted: WIP Wednesday Link-Up
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