Sew-n-Tell Friday: Wuthering Heights

Yesterday was a busy but good day. I’m really having issues with being cold though. It seems to especially be my right hand. I just cannot seem to keep it warm. *sigh* AppleBlossom does not seem to mind anything though. As a matter of fact her room is so cold that I cannot stand to go in there to change her diaper. So I’ve been running in the room, grabbing a diaper, then we’ve been on the rug in the middle of the living room to change. Silly, but warm and effective.

In her room we have a convertible bed that is currently in toddler mode. She loves it, but won’t sleep there at night (hasn’t for months) and I say that is because it was too cold in there at night. During the day, if she’s really tired, she’ll go down in there, but if she’s not tired, she’ll just get up repeatedly. We’ll get it one day, but I’m not stressed out about it. In our room we have a crib still. It was a hand-me-down and it’s fine, just squeaky when you lift the rail. I love her bed and I wish that we had just put in our room since it is so much warmer there, but alas. She does not seem to mind the crib, so it works.

Now… back to Sew-n-Tell. (Almost…) Today we went and had lunch with the Enginerd, and AppleBlossom got to see a Santa. That was exciting! Then we came home and she and I spent the afternoon in the Quilting Den working away. I decided I’m freezing, and my SisterB lives in Scotland, where it’s almost always freezing (compared to here) so she needs this quilt. (Sorry! I’m so delayed!) So I decided to put in some good time there. If you remember seeing the pictures before I have all of it ready to piece. I just need to finish the applique for the center and then I can piece it together. If you back to “before” then you can see it on my design wall.

Oh how I miss that design wall… *sniff sniff* One day! But not in this rental house.

Now, I’m back. (Somehow life pulled me away and I forgot I was in the middle of typing this. Oops.) Last night while watching an awesome Smallville episode (I love the ones that bring in all sorts of heroes!) I finished laying out the applique, now all I need to do is stitch it down!!

Oh and if you missed it! Head over to to check out a new series announcement about author Ann Shorey!!

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  • Wow! That applique is amazing! I can’t wait to see the whole quilt finished! Sorry we’re not having a link up until January! Be sure you come back and post some more!!

    • Thanks! I will definitely try to participate in January. 🙂

  • Lee

    Wow, that is some impressive applique. Is it raw-edge? How are you stitching it down? I can’t wait to see more! : )

    Don’t forget to link back to WIP Wednesday, either in your post or in your sidebar. Thanks for linking up! See you next time!
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    Lee recently posted: WIP Wednesday Link-Up
    • Right now it’s raw edge, but I’m going to satin/applique stitch it. This is one of my first big applique projects and I have a thread color that perfectly matches the lace, so it will be great!