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2010 Top Ten Christian Historical Fiction Picks!

Genres: Christian Fiction, Christian Historical Fiction, Romance

Ahhh yes it’s that time of year again, snow flakes are flying and holiday preparations are in full swing.  You know what that means right? it’s almost time for a New Year but before 2011 comes I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite CHF books of 2010. It’s always hard to choose just ten, especially this year since I have read so many terrific books. I tried to pick some of my favorite “5 star” books but I know there are some great ones that I missed. 🙂

Here are my picks in no particular order.

Making Waves by Lorna Seilstad

Wrangler in Petticoats by Mary Connealy

Courting Morrow Little by Laura Frantz

The Preacher’s Bride by Jody Hedlund

A Hope Undaunted by Julie Lessman

Head in the Clouds by Karen Witemeyer

She Walks in Beauty by Siri Mitchell

Hearts Awakening by Delia Parr

Sons of Thunder by Susan May Warren

A Distant Melody by Sarah Sundin

Everyone please feel free to post your own Top Ten list or post your thoughts on mine!

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  • Almost all of these made my top ten list too! I had forgotten about She Walks in Beauty, man was that a GREAT book! 🙂 Awesome list Renee. 🙂

  • Great choices. Quite a few I missed out on. Doing better keeping up now that I download books.

  • Thanks Casey! 🙂 I can’t wait to read Siri’s next book, A Heart Most Worthy!

  • Wow! Thanks, Renee, for including my book with all these wonderful stories! I loved so many of these too – and the others are sitting in my TBR pile. Taunting me.

  • OOoo sounds like I need to go shopping 🙂

  • It’s so fun reading everyone’s list this time of year.

    I haven’t put mine out yet, but there will definitely be some overlap! 🙂

  • Aww, thank you!! I’m honored to make your list, Renee! And I’m super honored to be listed with such other stellar writers! They’re my favorites too! 🙂

  • Sounds like a big thumbs up for Bethany House! 😉 I couldn’t agree more. Actually I have not read all of those, but I have read several of those, and each and every one of those that I have read, I LOVED! ♥

    I’ll have to think about my top lists, and post them soon…

  • @Sarah Sundin You’re welcome, I can’t wait to read Book 3!

    @Jody Hedlund You’re welcome! Even though I haven’t had the chance to review it yet, I definitely loved The Preacher’s Bride!

    @Margaret Chind (I still haven’t figured out these @ messages yet) I think Bethany had an awesomeyear and it looks like next year is going to be another great year for them!

    @Joy I can’t wait to see your list!!!

    @Juju ….or you could just make a list for Santa 😉

    @Carrie I got a Nook for Christmas so I have the feeling that I’m going to be dowloading a lot of books too but I don’t about “keeping up with them” LOL

  • @Casey I have the feeling our lists will look alike…we both have the same great taste in books LOL 🙂

  • Great list! I’m going to have to come up with one. (btw, how did you get the covers in here?)

  • @leesmith I actually don’t really know how to do it the correct way. I went to Blogger and opened a new post, added the pics from the different book sites and then copied the html codes from blogger to here! There’s got to be an easier way but I’m not familiar with WordPress and that’s the only way I could figure to do it. Margaret would be the person to ask. Sorry I wasn’t much help 🙁

  • Great list Renee! I’ve only read one of these (Head in the Clouds). I have several others though. I just love the cover of Making Waves! I got this huge goofy grin on my face when I saw it! LOL
    This hasn’t been the best reading school year as we have more responsibilities. I’m ready for a break to catch up a bit on some great reads!

  • @juliejohnson Have you seen the cover for A Great Catch, Book 2? It’s super cute too especially if you’re a sports fan!