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Rose’s Pledge – Your Next Must-Read!

Genres: Christian Fiction, Christian Historical Fiction, Historical Fiction

Romance and Hostilities Erupt in Virginia
Amid the French and Indian War

1753 – England

Read as two esteemed authors pool their talents to create an engrossing historical romance in Rose’s Pledge.  Releasing this January, Laity and Crawford offer a stunning debut novel that will leave readers wanting more!

Step back into the early days of America, where Rose Harwood and her sisters become indentured to the highest bidders. When Rose’s new owner takes her deep into Indian Territory, a young frontiersman named Nate Kinyon tags along, hoping to save Rose from the machinations of a grubby trader and the appraising looks of young braves. How much is he willing to pay—in dollars and sense—to redeem the woman he loves? And how much is Rose willing to sacrifice for his protection?

About the Authors

Dianna Crawford is a California native. She has been published since the early 1990s and writes full-time. Her first inspirational novel was the premier of a six-book series for Tyndale that she coauthored with Sally Laity. Dianna is married and has four daughters and seven grandkids.

Sally Laity has successfully written several novels, including a coauthored series for Tyndale, three Barbour novellas, and six Heartsongs romance novels. Her favorite thing these days is counseling new authors via the Internet. Sally has always loved to write, and after her four children were grown she took college writing courses and attended Christian writing conferences. She has written both historical and contemporary romances and considers it a joy to know that the Lord can touch other hearts through her stories. She makes her home in Bakersfield, California, with her husband and enjoys being a grandma.

Publication Information

Rose’s Pledge by Dianna Crawford and Sally Laity / Book One – Harwood House Series
January 2012 / $12.99 / 320 Pages/ Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-61626-552-6

Praise for Rose’s Pledge

Sally Laity and Dianna Crawford have masterfully crafted an exciting tale of life on the frontier in late colonial period. A vivid setting, strong characters, and a plot with plenty of unexpected twists and turns kept me turning pages. A thoroughly refreshing look into our nation’s history and the lives of people who blazed the trails.

–          Lena Nelson Dooley, award-winning author of Love Finds You in Golden, New Mexico, and Maggie’s Journey, book one in the McKenna’s Daughters series

Well-written, Rose’s Pledge has a solid plot with great pacing, believable characters, and an intriguing setting. But most of all, it is a story of deep and abiding faith. I loved it!

–          Michelle Sutton, author of over a dozen inspirational novels including Letting Go and Never Without Hope

Q&A with the Authors

Rose’s Pledge is set during the French and Indian War. What research did you do to make the story so realistic?

My primary source is Wilderness Empire by Allan W. Eckert.  It gives a blow by blow account of the reasons and actions and primary players in the war, plus it has numerous letters and journal entries by both the French and the English. I also used Follow the River by James Alexander Thom for daily life at an Indian town.  My other sources have been from encyclopedias, history books, online accounts and library resource experts. (Dianna Crawford)

What geared you toward a historical romance novel?

As an avid reader, I’ve always loved books and enjoy historical stories over contemporary stories. And since romance is a mainstay of life, writing a historical that included romance came naturally. (Sally Laity)

Rose’s Pledge has a lot of action and suspense.  What are some adventures the characters experience?

For Rose, from the moment she gets off the ship in Baltimore she’s thrust into the unknown—from being auctioned off to a smelly old man, to traveling deeper and deeper into a strange world of Native Americans and rough frontiersmen, all interested in the lone white woman in Indian territory.  At one point she’s left without a protector in an Indian town, then must flee for her life when French-paid Indians attack.  Thank goodness for the resourceful and handsome frontiersman who vows to save her—if he can.  (Dianna Crawford)

The Harwood House series is a trilogy based on three sisters sold into servitude. How did you come up with the storyline?

This I must thank Dianna for. Her ever-active mind is always filled with wonderful stories, and I am blessed to work with her. (Sally Laity)

Do either of you favor one of the sisters over the other two?

At the moment I prefer Rose because she’s the most seriously honest and self-sufficient.  As I’m blocking out Lily’s story, I think I’ll be able to identify with her a lot, too, though.  She’ll face her hard times and threats with God-given strength and character. (Dianna Crawford)

What are some similarities between you and the characters in Rose’s Pledge?

I found it quite easy to relate to Rose’s venture into the unknown, because I have done a considerable amount of relocating during my marriage. As she tried to make the best of things, I remember doing the same myself. . .and at times questioning how things would ‘work together for good.’ Somehow they always did. (Sally Laity)

Will there be reoccurring characters throughout this series?

Yes, but only to enhance the story of each novel’s primary characters. (Dianna Crawford)

How is Rose’s Pledge different from other novels you have written?

It had quite a bit more tension than other stories I’ve written because the time period was so volatile. And characters relate to circumstances in various ways because of their different temperaments. I loved all the excitement in Rose’s story.  (Sally Laity)

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