Pump Gloves – Protective Gloves for Pumping Gasoline

Hey Ladies…Hate Pumping Gas? We can help!

When washing hands isn’t handy, it’s a good idea to don the newly improved line of ultra-chic Pump Gloves! Starting this October, pumping gas is getting dirtier. New regulations require car owners to hold the gas nozzle in the on position for the WHOLE time it takes to fill the tank. Consumers will have to hold that handle, like the hundreds of patrons before them. Don’t write this off as just a silly California regulation, other states including New York are doing away with them too. Pump Gloves has released their new line of stylish and protective gloves to keep a woman’s hands safe from the “Gunk at the Gas Pump,” such as gas, grease, grime and germs which are almost never cleaned off. As women are expected to do it all, it’s time to nurture the nurturer. With less mess at the pump they can feel confident and clean on their way to work, school, or to pick up the kids. Pump Gloves has been featured in numerous publications, and were recently showcased on the Today Show w/ Kathy Lee

Price: $14.95

These are absolutely amazing! In the past few years I have really dreaded pumping my own gas and I usually leave the task for my husband. Either I’ve been pregnant or breastfeeding and with AppleBlossom at hand I cannot simple run off and wash my hands and a baby wipe can only do so much. Pump Gloves are awesome! (Even the Enginerd loves them… and they really are one size fits all!!)

These are a perfect gift for anyone you know and will definitely be used. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

*Thanks to ChicExecs for the introduction to Pump Gloves and thanks to Pump Gloves for sending a product for review.*

Features & Benefits List:
  • Smart, Safe and Stylish
  • Protective Gloves for Pumping Gasoline
  • Available in Classic Black or Light Gray
  • Designed to protect a woman’s hands and manicure
  • Add comfort and class to pumping gas
  • Handy vinyl storage bag for car’s glove compartment
  • Ultra comfort nylon spandex fabric with grip-tight palm
  • One size fits all
Pump Gloves Are…
  • Handy where washing hands isn’t
  • Nurturing for the nurturer in women
  • Flattering, form fitting, fashionable, functional
  • Designer multipurpose gloves
  • Handy around the house
  • Machine washable
  • Leatherless
  • A great gift
Ideal For…
  • Gas station pumps
  • ATM machines
  • Work around the car
  • Protection against sun damage
  • Light weight warmth in cool weather
  • Exclusive use as comfortable driving gloves
  • Protection from gas, grease, grime and germs
  • Protection from filthy public places such as subways, planes, trains and automobiles
  • Stylish travel gloves

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  1. I HATE pumping gas. Since becoming a mother I’ve became such a germiphobe. It’s sad that I’ve never considered gloves, and never even heard of these. I’ll definitely be getting a pair now, though. 🙂
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  2. I have always been a germiphobe, I would wipe down my desk at work every morning, just because I don’t know what was crawling on it at work, and pumping gas was the reason I never drove my car unless my boyfriend was around.

    I might invest in both set of gloves and hope this does the trick for me.

    Daisy Flores
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  3. Where can I purchase several pair of these gloves for friends. They make great gifts. 512.731.3110 or CALL ME. Thanks.

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