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This past year has been a whirlwind. I can hardly believe my baby will be two years old later this year.  Through out the beginning of our AppleBlossom’s education I have seen and used a lot of different things. But there are few things on our favorite shelf that I would recommend that any new parent buys – worth every penny! One of those things is the My Baby Can Talk! Video and Board Book Series. We watch at least one of them almost every day by her request and the combination of vocabulary words, music, colors and entertainment value it fabulous.

Sign Language for Babies

My Baby Can Talk is a series of award winning DVDs and board books that teaches babies and parents to communicate at an early age, reducing frustration and creating a special bond that is so important for healthy child development. Babies are able to communicate at a much earlier age than they are able to speak. Research has shown that babies who use sign language tend to speak sooner with larger vocabularies, show an increase in IQ scores and engage in more sophisticated play.

Honored more than twenty national parenting awards including Parents Choice and reviewed and endorsed by child psychologists, professionals in the media as well as early childhood educators; My Baby Can Talk inspires preverbal communication using sign language as well as first spoken words. The My Baby Can Talk DVD series is the first program featuring preverbal babies signing all the words presented. Set to inspiring classical music, My Baby Can Talk videos feature beautiful real world images, delightful puppet shows, colorful toys in motion and babies communicating with simple gestures.

The My Baby Can Talk board books are truly unique in subject and format with no equal available on the market today. Each page comes alive with the word, a vibrant real world image and a delightful poem for parents to share with their babies. In addition, an illustration of the sign and a formal sign description is offered for parents to learn and teach to their little ones. These books are designed to inspire babies to learn to sign, learn to speak and begin to recognize the written word.

It is absolutely delightful to watch my daughter sit with the board books and as she flips each page she’ll say the word and use the appropriate sign. She is so pleased when she gets things right and I’m very happy for her to be so happy learning. That and the fact that when she wants something we actually know what she is talking about!

The videos say for about ages 10 months+. It was probably about 12 months when one day she just walked up and said the sign for “milk”. That was her first and most often used word, especially while we were nursing (up until a few weeks ago). The from there it was “more” and “shoes” and dozens more words! Of course including her current favorites of “dog” and “cat”. She’s a real hoot and this has been such a learning experience for her worth every minute.

I’m delighted to have discovered the Baby Hands Productions My Baby Can Talk program and do no hesitate to recommend it to everyone out there wanting that edge to be able to communicate just a bit easier and earlier than they would without it.

*Note: One of here current favorite signs and words is “Go!” She gets full body motion involved and trust me, there is not much cuter than that!

*Thanks to Baby Hands Productions for providing a copy of the series for review.*

Baby Hands Productions has kindly offered to give away to one lucky person the first DVD in the series, My Baby Can Talk – First Signs. Any entrant must be a GFC Follower. Leave a comment per entry, other creative entries are accepted. Be creative – spread the word and tell me how you did it. Entry deadline is February 20th, 2011.

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