Potty Training Girls the Easy Way

Genres: General Non Fiction

Potty Training Girls the Easy Way by Dr. Caroline Fertleman, Simone Cave
Genre: Nonfiction, Parenting
Pages: 160Trade Paperback
Date Published: February 22nd 2011 (orig. 2009)
Publisher: Da Capo Lifelong Books

Why are girls ready for toilet training earlier than boys are? Why are girls more prone to accidents? How do I know if my daughter is ready? From the authors of Potty Training Boys the Easy Way, this guide provides a clear, step-by-step plan for training girls, including strategies for making potty-time fun, parenting differently for different personalities, and handling specific situations, such as what to do when there is no toilet nearby and ways to stay dry throughout the night. Practical and reassuring, Potty Training Girls the Easy Way will give your family the confidence to successfully achieve this important milestone.

First off let me start with the biggest flaw this book has. The one and only mention in the entire book of cloth diapers is when it mentions that Grandmothers who will try to enforce their opinion and advice of early training and methods used those cloth diapers and were probably ready to get out of doing all that laundry. Woah there. You two authors are way off base in the current climate of cloth diapers and need to do a bit more research especially in consideration that the originally publication of this book was 2009 and the current publication of 2011. In these past few years you cannot read a baby or pregnancy magazine without cloth diaper ads, thank goodness! With that said, obviously this book comes from a disposable diaper standpoint and that changes a few things such as comfort and getting into the pretty underpants, or perhaps panties which is a term I prefer.

Overall, this is a pretty decent introduction to the idea of potty training. There is not a single mention of EC (elimination communication) and by the bits and pieces that I know of EC from my own random article researched here and there this book does not believe in it or support it. Well so far we’re not opposed to the idea of EC, but it has not been for us and we are cloth diaper bum 24/7. I definitely think that the suggestions and overall method in this book will be stress-free and will work for us quite well from our circumstances and with that I think it could be worth a purchase. Although it does make me a bit tense to hear people discount cloth diapers so quickly, but that’s my cup of tea.

*Thanks to Da Capo for providing a copy for review.*

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