Tots Bots Easy Fit Diaper from Bummis

It’s no secret I love Bummis. I really really really love Bummis and want them to come out with covers with snaps in prints! But that’s another story… Bummis has partnered with a Scottish company (Tot Bots) to distribute some of their diapers including fitted diapers and a new AIO.

Easy Fit Diaper

A very different kind of pocket diaper!

The innovative design of this diaper features a non messy stuff – easier than a pocket system. No fiddling around – a swift stuff to get the liner in is all you need… And – no more losing liners in the laundry! This super thirsty liner is actually attached to the diaper, making the Easy Fit a remarkable all-in-one diaper with many of the benefits of a two piece system – fast drying and easy to clean.

Its innovative design provides a very versatile absorption – the attached liner can be folded to create up to 6 layers of absorption where your baby needs it. (Plus you can adjust for the absorption you need for heavy wetters and nighttime by adding extra liners).

The liner consists of 2 layers. Ultra soft rayon made from bamboo fibres against baby’s tender skin actually absorbs 70% more quickly than cotton – on contact – no run-off leaking out the side of the diaper when baby pees! And an ultra absorbent layer of 100% polyester microfibre basically doubles the absorbance. Protective side guards of anti-wicking, soft brushed polyester prevent compression wetness. This is a diaper engineered for successful leak containment and total convenience! Its great fit was mentioned often by our testers – as well as generously sized Velcro type closures and fold-back laundry tabs that really stick.

Tots Bots Easy Fit Pocket Diaper

Available in five, bright, Oeko-tex certified dye colors, as well as white.

Tots Bots Easy Fit Pocket Diaper

The Easy Fit is available in 2 sizes; one-size (8-35 lbs) that adjusts with snaps plus a remarkable Tini Fit size that will sweetly and effectively accommodate a tinier baby (5-12 lbs). The Tini Fit comes with an an additional microfiber booster that you can add into the pocket, boosting its absorbency almost to that of the regular sized Easy Fit. Comes in 5 very trendy colours (Oeko-tex certified dyes!) plus white. Minimal packaging.


Easy Fit: 520 ml / 17.6 oz

Tini Fit (unboosted): 395 ml / 13.4 oz

Tini Fit (boosted): 500 ml / 16.9 oz

All Tots Bots products are manufactured in their own factory in Glasgow, Scotland from environmentally friendly fabrics.The rayon from bamboo fibres is also Oeko-tex certified and the bamboo fibre is produced in a “closed loop” system which recycles water and chemical output to ensure sustainability. We really enjoy working with this company! You can be confident that the products they manufacture are ethically as well as sustainably produced.

Bummis Video Series: How to Use Easy Fits


Much like the Kissaluvs Marvels AIO OS diaper, the Easy Fit has an attached liner insert, so there is no unsuffing the diaper before a wash. Just use and toss, we love that, especially the Enginerd. The mouth to stuff the insert is large and this insert is super easy to stuff and adjust. The snaps in the rise are a little sensitive and come undone from time to time, but nothing that I worry over.

Currently this is the only Velcro/Aplix type diaper from our stash we use (without pants on top) because this hook and loop closure is super powerful and our AppleBlossom cannot unfasten it. It’s awesome! When we first started using this one she was in a crawling and rolling stage and from time to time the velcro might rub on her belly a bit, but as she has gone to fully mobile toddler stage this hardly happens. As long as when I fasten it I try to keep the velcro low it seems to leave her belly alone just fine. I still prefer snaps, but this is a fabulous diaper. Due to the fact that it is a hook and loop closure I can get the perfect fit no matter what stage she’s in and that truly helps to make it a OS diaper.

There are more than a handful of great prints to choose from and the material is super durable with the baby side being very soft and plenty absorbent.

Starting to Stand... (Mar 2010)

There is another size called the Tiny Fit that is for newborns. I haven’t seen one of these in person, but I’d love to try it on baby #2. Bummis is a brand I trust and I just love their diapers and products!!

*Thanks to Bummis for providing a Tot Bots Easy Fit AIO OS for review.*

Bummis Tot Bots Easy Fit and Tiny Fit are available for purchase at Diaper Junction (my favorite diaper shop) as well as other great shops. Thanks to Diaper Junction for letting my use the color and print Tot Bots Easy Fit photos with permission. *Note We are registered for baby #2 at Diaper Junction and Kelly’s Closet. Search “Chind” and use PW: Chind2

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