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How about a nursing cover that is useful long beyond your nursing days? Now that is something to get your moneys worth out of. The Pirose from Ren Rose Inc. (once known as the Nurf) is just the product for that mama.

Pirose Nursing Video

Invented by a nursing mother, Pirose is a lightweight, breathable nursing scarf like no other on the market. Designed for new mothers who refuse to sacrifice style for function, the revolutionary Pirose works as a multi-way nursing scarf and fashion accessory providing discreet coverage and a stylish touch.

With modern prints and subtle florals, Pirose offers a wide array of designs to suit any new mother’s style, while still offering complete nursing coverage.

Graceful, elegant feminine and beautiful, Pirose is a stylish blend of fashion and function for new mothers. Depending on your style, each Pirose comes in a length and design to complement any look.

Click here to learn how to use Pirose while nursing.

Why modern mothers love Pirose

  • Functions as a nursing cover, scarf, shawl, head band and stroller or purse accessory
  • Lightweight and breathable for portability and comfort
  • Use as a stroller or car seat cover when on the go
  • Easily tucks into your purse or diaper bag
  • 100% polyester material allows for easy washing and drying
  • With more than 12 ways to wear, Pirose instantly becomes your go-to accessory

About Pirose sizing

Flattering, fashionable and functional, Pirose suits every body type. As a fashion accessory, you can choose a size Small for a subtle accent or a Large for a more dramatic effect. However, we recommend the Medium and Large sizes for best nursing coverage. Please note, the sample photos below are for sizing examples. The cut will be the same but your pattern will be different.

Available in a wide variety of flowing designs, I was blessed to received a Ramon for Nursing Pirose and I could not be more delighted. Usually I’m not a fan of paisley, but these colors and this design are gorgeous. This Pirose could easily take us from the park to a dinner party.  The multi-use purposes for this product are endless and in whatever way they are creative and elegant.

This is without a doubt the most fashion functional nursing cover available today and there is a design to please every nursing mama’s wardrobe.


Ramon for NursingRamon for Nursing
Ramon for NursingRamon for NursingRamon for Nursing

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  • Lindsey

    These are so cool! I love nursing shawls/scarves/etc… things that can be used after baby, too. 🙂

    • Love things that have a long term as opposed to temporary purpose. 🙂 Plus these are gorgeous!