Little Toader

Little Toader is a neat family company and I recommend you check them out. We started with Storybook PJ’s. This is a zipper footed sleeper set with characters from a matching board book. Whenever we reach for these bedtime is fun! The images on the PJs help to tell the story making it interactive and come to life. 

Little Toader, LLC is a Florida based company that was started based on the desire to have a business that would allow us to create products for children that were safe, unique and fun for all!  Having children of our own,we were inspired with so many “they should make…” type statements. After much prayer, God blessed us with the resources and vision to start our own company and design our own products. Safety is at the top of our list. All of our products are tested and Consumer Product Safety Commission compliant. We are constantly working on new products, so check in with us frequently to see what new creations we have in store for you.


Little Toader sells on-line and wholesale to retailers.  We are continuously looking for retailers to carry our products, so if you are interested in carrying any of our product lines, please contact us for wholesale agreements.

Yet it is the Appeteethers that I have the most admiration for from Little Toader. One like a chicken wing and the other a barbeque rib. Living outside of Memphis, the main hub of BBQ, these take on a whole new joy. They work and my toddler loves them and they’re amusing to boot!

Appeteethers are fun, safe, teethers that are unlike any others on the market. They come in silly shapes including Chompin’ Chicken Wing and a Baby-Q Rib. They are non-toxic, BPA-free, PVC-free, lead-free, and phthalate-free. Made of silicone to provide relief and have great texturing to help massage sore gums. Kids will love chewing away on these, and parents will get a kick out of watching them. Best of all their products are priced just right. Little Toader is proof parents don’t have to pay through the nose for high-end products. Little Toader is the company dedicated to bringing top of the line, unique child products to the public. Safety is at the top of their list, and all products are tested and compliant with the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Pajama and Book Package - Perfect Shower Gift Pajamas Pattern Example - The images in the pattern are on seperate pages of the book.

Little Toader Cafe Appeteether Lunch Specials Teething Toys - BPA Free Baby-Q Rib Appeteether by Little Toader

Baby Chewing on Teething Toy that looks like a Chicken Wing

*Thanks to ChicsExec for introducing me to Little Toader.*

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