Life a little behind…

So I’m a little behind here and there. Hopefully you’ll all forgive me. My wonderful Enginerd bought me a battery backup, so hopefully once he gets it hooked up I will not have to worry about the ridiculous power surges here killing my computer. Now all I need is a way to back up the computer, since when I moved to an iMac over my Powerbook my external hard drive is not big enough. *sigh*

AppleBlossom seems to be doing better, but there was a hint of fever again last night. I’m just not sure what to think with all this, but in the recent visits to emergency and urgent care centers with the 104/103 degree fevers, they found nothing.

Gestational diabetes is not doing so well. I’m on an oral medication that was uber powerful to me in my pregnancy with AppleBlossom, but this time around, not so much, so we may have to increase it again (already have twice). If that does not work, we might have to go for insulin. *sigh* I’m seeing the OB doc once a week, and tomorrow I have a non-stress test to check on OrangeBlossom. Then next week, another ultrasound. Then next week who knows! Right now, I’m working on 33 weeks I believe… I dunno check the widget on the right sidebar. 😉 AppleBlossom was born at 37 1/2 weeks.

If you missed that story, here’s a short version. At a normal 11 AM visit toward the end of my pregnancy with AppleBlossom, they checked my cervix and found I was 4 1/2 cm dilated. Sent me across the bridge to the hospital, and she was born at 3:11 AM the next morning. Never felt a contraction until 1 AM. That’s what freaks me out. Especially since here I’m an hour away from the hospital (in Georgia it was 15 minutes taking your time). We shall see what happens… I’d rather not follow in my SisterL’s footsteps and go for the hall bathroom… but that was her sixth. She knows what she’s doing and what to expect a little more than I do!

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