Making Babbies…

When I was a child I had a “lamb babbie”. It was a two piece flannel blanket that my aunt made me. I literally loved it to pieces. I was about nine or so, when a cleaning lady at my cousin’s house disposed of it while we were gone for the day. Needless to say I was devastated. But in her defense, I guess I should admit that it was in shreds. So much so that I actually kept it in a lingerie mesh wash bag so as to not lose anymore pieces. *ahem*

My sister came up with something all too fabulous for babbies when it came to her girls. She bought the good ole Gerber Flat Fold Diapers (disastrous idea for cloth diapering, but fabulous for burp cloths and babbies)! She dyed them using Rit Dye, blue for her oldest girl, green for her middle girl, and then purple (a double batch) for her youngest girl and my AppleBlossom who were born within months of each other.

These babbies are fabulous. Do about a dozen or so at a time, and then when one is dirty, just grab another and your kiddo doesn’t have to be without! Yes after time the color fades, but not in a bad way. 🙂

In preparation for OrangeBlossom I made the attempt and dyed some babbies of my own in petal pink. They turned out fabulously! Then I was on a bit of a kick, so I made some orange ones just because.

Now… when I first started cloth diapering AppleBlossom at a few days old everything that we had was too big, except for the prototype tiny gDiapers, but we didn’t have any gInserts and it was before gCloth but either way would take too long to get them shipped to us since she was already here at that point! So my mama went to W-M and bought some of the Gerber Prefold Diapers (the ones that are actually meant for cloth diapering – thick in the middle layer – but still modern cloth diapers are so much better) and we folded them and used them in the Tiny g’s just fine. Well later on, those cloth diapers became great burp cloths and the months progressed. Now after almost two years, they’re still great and I’ll use them for burp cloths for OrangeBlossom, but they are piling and dingy. So I want to dye them… I just need to figure out a color…

Now if you ponder the purpose… just look and see. (Click to enlarge)

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