• The Mystery of History

Second Book of the Breathtaking Backwoods Brides Series

Spellbinding Romance in an Old Mississippi Setting Second Book of the Breathtaking Backwoods Brides Series Uhrichsville, OH – Explore the Natchez Trace along with a bandit who strives to trade his scandalous past for a respectable future with an innkeeper’s daughter. Due to release in October 2011, award-winning author Marcia Gruver delivers romance, adventure, and hours of reading pleasure in Bandit’s Hope. Reddick “Tiller” McRae, growing tired of the outlaw life, is thinking about settling down. When he falls for an innkeeper’s daughter, he becomes determined to change his ways. But is it too late to redeem his heart and soul? Mariah Bell runs an inn along the Pearl River in Jackson, Mississippi. To protect her aging father and their business from violent outlaw gangs, she needs to snatch herself a strong, trustworthy husband—and quick. What will she do when she finds out the man she desires is wanted in. . .

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Answers for Kids by Ken Ham {Review}

The Answers Book for Kids is a two volume set, broken down by topic and written for children ages 6-12.The volumes answer 44 questions and are written in a friendly and readable style. Topics include God and the Bible, Creation and the Fall, Dinosaurs and the Flood, Sin, Salvation, and the Christian Life.

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Like Dr. Seuss Meets the Bible!

Bible Stories Kids Will Want to Read! It’s like Dr. Seuss Meets the Bible. . . Uhrichsville, OH – If your kids love Dr. Seuss, they’re sure to enjoy My Big Book of Bible Stories. From award-winning author, Phil A. Smouse, this collection of 17 bible stories is set for release in October 2011. Here are 17 great Bible stories, featuring hilarious rhyming and fun illustrations, for preschoolers through early readers. Brand-new from author and illustrator Phil A. Smouse, winner of the Retailer’s Choice Award for his book Jesus Wants All of Me, My Big Book of Bible Stories includes clever retellings of key scriptures, from Creation, Adam and Eve, and Jonah through the New Testament stories of the Good Samaritan, Jesus and Nicodemus, and Peter. My Big Book of Bible Stories is perfect for reading to younger children, while early readers will enjoy working through the brightly-colored pages all. . .

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Mummy Math by Cindy Neuschwander {Review}

The Zills family is summoned to Egypt to help find the hidden burial chamber of an ancient pharaoh. But when Matt and Bibi get trapped in the pharaoh’s pyramid, they stumble upon an even bigger mystery. With only each other, their dog Riley, and the geometric hieroglyphics on the walls to help them, the twins must use their math skills to locate the burial chamber—and the way out. Luckily, Matt and Bibi know their stuff when it comes to geometric solids, and so will the readers of this adventure in math!

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Restless in Carolina by Tamara Leigh

She’s all about going green. Could he be her white knight—or will he make her see red?

Tree-huggin’, animal-lovin’ Bridget Pickwick-Buchanan is on a mission. Well, two. First she has to come to terms with being a widow at thirty-three. After all, it’s been four years and even her five-year-old niece and nephew think it’s time she shed her widow’s weeds. Second, she needs to find a buyer for her family’s estate—a Biltmore-inspired mansion surrounded by hundreds of acres of unspoiled forestland. With family obligations forcing the sale, Bridget is determined to find an eco-friendly developer to buy the land, someone who won’t turn it into single-family homes or a cheesy theme park.

Enter J. C. Dirk, a high-energy developer from Atlanta whose green property developments have earned him national acclaim. When he doesn’t return her calls, Bridget decides a personal visit is in order. Unfortunately, J. C. Dirk is neither amused nor interested when she interrupts his meeting—until she mentions her family name. In short order, he finds himself in North Carolina, and Bridget has her white knight—in more ways than one. But there are things Bridget doesn’t know about J. C., and it could mean the end of everything she’s worked for…and break her heart.

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