Nature of God Series by Peter Schriemer

Ocean Adventures (Nature of God) by Peter Schriemer
Genre: Christian Children’s Non Fiction – Science
Pages: 40 Hardcover
Date Published: August 15th, 2011
Publisher: Zonderkidz

Uncover the Mysteries of the Hawaiian Islands Giant humpback whales and squishy sea cucumbers, color-changing lizards and spiders with smiley faces on their backs—they all live in a beautiful place: the islands of Hawaii. From the oceans to the seashore to the mountaintops, come discover the amazing creatures of Hawaii and the places where they live. Learn how God created each one special and with an important purpose.


Wilderness Discoveries (Nature of God) by Peter Schriemer
Genre: Christian Children’s Non Fiction – Science
Pages: 40 Hardcover
Date Published: August 16th, 2011
Publisher: Zonderkidz

The Wonders of the Great Lakes Region Await! Come explore the Great Lakes region, a place where hawks soar overhead, monarch butterflies spread colorful wings, beavers build underwater fortresses, and a stick might suddenly scurry away. Learn about the fascinating creatures God designed to live in a special place called the Great Lakes region, which he created just for these creatures. Find out about the amazing things they do and how God made each one for a purpose all its own.

*This is a review of an ARC Version*

Read on July 16, 2011 — I own a copy

Another educational keeper. Although new books from the Nature of God series are awesomely chock-full of information they are rather long-winded to be take in all at once. My toddler was not captivated but I think a science older kiddo would be in bliss. I think the changes in the color and fonts make for an attractive read. Lastly I was reviewing an advanced reader copy so I cannot comment on the bonus DVD that would be included with a real book, but I am sure it is neat.

*Thanks to Zondervan for providing an ARC for review.*

Host of Smithsonian HD Channel’s Critter Quest, Peter Schriemer presents his educational program, “Nature of God,” to young readers and animal lovers everywhere in two new books-WILDERNESS DISCOVERIES and OCEAN ADVENTURES (Zonderkidz; $16.99; September 2011).

Intriguing views of underwater escapades and brilliant shots of wildlife on land make a captivating read for children and adults wondering and learning about the myriad of creatures roaming the earth. From beaches and forests in WILDERNESS DISCOVERIES, where hawks soar overhead and monarch butterflies spread their colorful wings, to the giant humpback whales and color-changing lizards photographed in OCEAN ADVENTURES, children will get a wide-eyed peek at the many faces dwelling on the planet.

Readers will also enjoy watching their favorite animals come alive on screen when they collect the NATURE OF GOD DVDs that will be released simultaneously with the books:

Wilderness Discoveries, Volume 1 ($9.99): Sand, Snakes, and Screeching Birds
Wilderness Discoveries, Volume 2 ($12.99): Forest, Frogs, and Feisty Critters
Wilderness Discoveries, Volume 3 ($12.99): Bugs, Bogs, and Spiky Beasts
Ocean Adventures, Volume 1 ($9.99): Whales, Waves, and Ocean Wonders
Ocean Adventures, Volume 2 ($12.99): Fins, Foliage, and Shoreline Fun
Ocean Adventures, Volume 3 ($12.99): Winged Creatures, Waterfalls, and Wild Reptiles

Peter Schriemer is an award-winning filmmaker who has created, written, and produced many of his own projects, received more than fifteen industry awards and has worked on national video projects. As a hands-on naturalist, Schriemer also assists field biologists with research projects and teaches children about God’s wondrous creation. He lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Catch an episode of NATURE OF GOD on Youtube here:

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