Had a Baby!!

Two weeks old as of Yesterday! (Click any photo to enlarge)

So it’s official. We have two gorgeous daughters! And from the looks of the early baby photos these gals might just seem to favor each other a little bit. I’m curious if it’s true that people will ask us later if we have twins (with only 24 months separating them). It will be interesting…

Althea Jane (OrangeBlossom to you all folk) was born 1:26 pm CST at 7 lbs 2 oz and 19″ in length or height depending on who you ask. That’s to Charlotte Elspeth’s (AppleBlossom) 8 lbs 2.3 oz and 19″. We left the hospital at around 4:30 the next afternoon. After AppleBlossom I was out of it for weeks and pretty pathetic. After OrangeBlossom I was raring to eat and go home about three hours later. Explain that!?

This was a much better experience for myself and I do not know what if there were any differences really, out side of last time I had major blood loss and it was the middle of the night (3:11 AM delivery thank you very much) to this one in the early afternoon. Who knows. Either way, all of us girls are fine and dandy. (Outside of not being comfortable sitting at the computer – boy do I miss my laptop… so forgive my absences and delays!)

First pediatrician appointment at 5 days old was to all healthy scores and a weight of 6 lbs 10 oz. This past Tuesday at a week later still doing great, and gained back our weight to a grand 7 lbs 11 oz! Who says babies who sleep all day do not get their breastmilk?!

So cloth diapering since day 2, but more on that in depth later.

AppleBlossom is loving having a real baby, and we’re working on the gentle factor… No jealousy that we’ve seen. So I’m hoping it all continues to go so well! Luckily since the girls are practically on top of each other’s birthdays we’re hoping all the clothes will work well. Although AppleBlossom started in 0-3 month size, while even at two weeks OrangeBlossom is still drowning in Newborn size. Uh oh… but maybe that will work out quickly. Although I really do not mind the itty bitty -ness of her. Quite adorable actually. *grin*

So let’s see. What would you want to know… Um… Natural vaginal delivery. Yay! Two pushes to AppleBlossom’s four. … itty bitty tear and no great hemorrhage like last time. Thank Goodness!!

Breastfeeding since the beginning and cloth diapering since coming home. Loves the SleepyWrap (thank you Aunt Kimbe!) and her Halo Sleep Sack Swaddler for nights (happy birthday gift from Hospital).

Full head of hair, although lighter than AppleBlossom’s was. (AB never lost any hair, it just changed color). Definitely some golden to OrangeBlossom’s hair, almost the same color as AppleBlossom’s currently… Loves pink babbies already and her big sister loves making sure she has a “baby babbie” and getting a “baby diaper” when mama needs one. She’s a great help!

*Note* LaborLooks Maternity and Delivery Gown review to come.

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  • Congrats our your new arrival. God bless both of you.
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  • Gorgeous! My daughters are 8 days shy of 24 months apart. They don’t look alike though LOL! Congrats! How’s it been? I think it’s great that you’re cloth diapering 2, and I look forward to your post(s) on how that’s working out for you. My oldest was jealous of the baby. She would try to sit on her while I was nursing. She later kept telling me that her little sister can go back in my belly now…LOL! Now (they’re 5 and 7) they have a great relationship – fighting and loving all at the same time!
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  • Congratulations mommy!

  • Yah! She is gorgeous!! She definitely looks like big sister. 😉 Mine are like night and day when it comes to looks.
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  • Glad to see you had your baby!
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  • Wow, Margaret! What a Beautiful baby and family. THANKS so so much for including so many wonderful pictures. I’m Thrilled for you! It will be fun watching him grow as we did your first baby!

    Congrats! Blessings to you

    Nora :o)

  • I just recently started following your blog and had to come by and say congrats on your new baby! What adorable daughters you have. God bless. 🙂


  • She is adorable! Glad this delivery went more smoothly for you, and congrats on your two beautiful daughters…
    Mozi Esmes Mom´s last blog post ..“I Have a Mother Who Prays for Me”

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  • Beautiful photos! Love the one of big sister meeting little sister at the hospital! Those are always my favorites. Congrats!
    (Also a new follower ~ thought I was already following!)

  • Raquel


  • Oh, what a sweet little baby girl! Congratulations. I’m so glad you are feeling well, that makes a huge difference in those first few weeks!
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  • I know I’m a bit late but I just wanted to say Congratulations. 🙂 You have two beautiful girls there. 🙂
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