Infantino Tummy Triangle

When it came to tummy time for AppleBlossom what I remember most was immediate spit up and crying of discomfort. She loved being on her tummy on our chests, but when it came to using the “toys” we had specifically for tummy time she and I were not a fan.

So this next time around with OrangeBlossom I was not sure what we would do. We still have that ole ladybug, but I’m not crazy about pulling it out. Infantino fixed my query!

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Eagerly Anticipated Book 2 of Husbands for Hire Series

Three enterprising young females are accepting applications for husbands-for-hire. With one woman already snagged, Lacey Lyman is one of only two remaining. No one really catches her eye until a handsome hunter arrives. Will Lacey find a way to bag her prey? Determined to investigate why Hope Falls’s mine collapsed, Chase Dunstan poses as a potential husband and a hunter, giving him the perfect excuse to poke around inside and outside of town. If only he could get the chatterbox Lacey Lyman off his trail. Can he keep his cover while solving the mystery of the mine?

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My So-Called Life as a Proverbs 31 Wife: A One-Year Experiment…and Its Surprising Results by Sara Horn {Preview}

Sara Horn, a busy writer and mother, deemed the Proverbs 31 wife to be an impossible ideal. Or is it? This surprising, heartfelt personal account of Sara’s one-year experiment reveals how even a domestically-challenged woman can embrace God’s purpose and encourages readers to pursue God’s amazing plan for their lives.

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