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Tot SchoolToday we had our first semi organized day of preschool for AppleBlossom. She is only two, so really nothing need be structured and I guess I could just call it Tot School. The plan was to follow the Animal Play Curriculum  and go from there, but I’m not too happy with it or doing so well. One of the main worries and concerns I had when getting organized for this curriculum (which I bought at 50% off FYI) is that there are “recommended resources” that I do not have. We did buy two of the big ones including the Rhyme Storybook Bible and Alphabet Art, but I do not have the 5-minutes for Devotions nor do I have the little books that it recommends and some others. coahbuttonSome of them are plain expensive and/or not available. Since the lesson plans say “read about ants on page such and such” it’s frustrating. In some cases, yes I can just substitute by reading some other book on ants, but when it is for the Bible subject that day, reading a random book doesn’t quite fit the bill.

So I decided to grab somethings here and there including printables from and I also got some general ideas for activities to come from and At this point I am not sure if I regret going with Animal Play Curriculum or not. Overall I’m just a bit frustrated. The coloring pages have some great ones and some are just rather dull. I keep having to substitute things because I just do not have what she calls for and I think that is what frustrates me overall. PhotobucketIn retrospect I’m starting to think that I’d rather have something like Letter of the Week Curriculum and supplement that for the fun of it with relates items from these sites. But then, for the most part I do not think she’s ready for all that is in that… and the thing about Animal Play Curriculum is that it is book based. It’s just getting overly expensive to try to find all the books.

Alas. I don’t know what to do. At least this is just a two year old, she won’t be ruined since I do not have it right yet. Currently on my list of things to do is to figure out a Wall Calendar and we can start that activity. Then also getting some card stock and a laminator.

(Edited to add)

I didn’t even think what else we did as I seemed to get stuck in the “woe is me”. Anyhow… sorry about that! We did an A is for Apple Puzzle and coloring page (see picture and those came from Confessions of a Homeschooler FYI). We also drew lots of number 1s on a blank page and she liked to chant “number one” as she continued to draw lines resembling a sorta one on her own. Then we listed to the number one and picked it out on her Leap Frog Phone (wish the Violet one had been out when we bought hers last year! but we still love Scout…) and we worked with both a big A and little a on her Leap Frog Fridge Phonics thingy.
Then we also did lots of pumpkin printables from a variety of the links mentioned above. She was very excited about ORANGE today. And re-read the books from last night.

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  • The biggest lesson I have learned from homeschooling is to not stress about it. I know how you feel. I’ve been there far too many times! I finally quit driving myself crazy and let things flow. We are now more laid back in our approach but I do feel like mine are doing well at their ages. There are so many teachable moments throughout the day and we capitalize on them! What you did today is great for starters!!! 🙂
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  • Wow! I can’t believe Apple Blossom is old enough for preschool. Seems like you just had her. : D When I homeschooled I didn’t do preschool per se, I just made learning fun for my kids and they learned. Looks like that is what you are doing and she will learn and have fun!
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