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Infantino Sync Wrap Carrier

Infantino is truly one of my favorite companies these days. Time after time and product after product that comes out is truly incredible and I cannot help but recommend them. I confess I am a babywearing mama and couldn’t live without my carriers and wraps. Up to this point my favorite has been my SleepyWrap (my review) and then depending on the age, position of my child I have loved my ring slings (others that I love) and my soft structured carriers such as the Infantino Eco-Sash Carrier and the Ergo.

My husband thinks I’m crazy, but I keep telling him depending on how I want to hold my baby I need a different carrier. It might be because of the style shirt I’m wearing, and I want to make sure I have access. Or it might be that I’m going to be getting in and out of the car and want something that will stay adjusted. Or perhaps it is because I will most likely have the toddler in my arms as well as the baby in the carrier. Either way, I love my selection.

Well then there is Infantino’s new Wrap Carrier. Not just a carrier, not just a wrap. It’s so much all in one! It’s a pouch sling! It’s a wrap! and it’s practically a soft structured carrier!!

With four different wearing options, its natural embracing design keeps baby right up against you, comfortably positioned and perfectly close. Woven panels and soft straps form to your body’s shape and work with a secure buckle lumbar belt to support baby’s weight. Keeping you both cozy and connected.

  • Sync combines woven and stretch fabrics for secure and comfy carrying.
  • Woven panels wrap baby in close and snug helping to prevent stretching with wear.
  • Soft, stretchy knit straps comfortably wrap around you and baby creating a cozy and supportive overlay.
  • Adjustable lumbar belt provides ultimate back support.
  • Distributes weight evenly for maximum comfort.

My main issue with wearing wraps away from home. The long yards of fabric draping the ground when I put it on. = Practically taken care of with the lumbar strap taking away tons of adjustment and time with the Sync Wrap Carrier.

I want to be able to carry the baby in different positions, so I would toss in the ring sling, or a pouch sling and a soft structured carrier and grab the one I want when I get there. = Nope, it’s all in one, just adjust the baby in whatever way I want to carry!

This has so many uses. I can carry both my 15 lb 3 month old newborn and my 26 lb two year old toddler with ease. No issues and I love it.

As I said before in my video that I made the day it arrived… I love the design, the fabric materials and look. It’s stylish, and can be a fancy outfit accessory or an every day bit.

My baby girl is a little bit stubborn about turning her head to the left instead of to the right when she is in an infant hold, but not quite to where she can put her legs comfortably for a bigger baby hold. But that’s just her, not the carrier. So right now we’re in between figuring out what it best for us.

Yet I attribute a lot to her being a big baby. My toddler was and is still a tiny girl and in my other carriers I held her in a cradle hold for months and I’m sure she would have fit quite nicely in the pocket.

Although now quite the drama queen. —–> (Always follow the directions and wrap your baby accordingly. Remember you’re the parent and their safety is your responsibility!)

“I am a participant in a Mom Central Consulting campaign for Infantino and have received various Infantino products as part of my participation.”

BUY IT on Amazon!!!

    • 8-36lbs/3.6-16.3kgs
    • 4 Carrying Positions Grow with Baby: Infant hug hold, Facing-in cozy time, Hip hugging, Backpack exploring.
    • Designed for babies and toddlers.
    • Machine washable.

Download the instruction guide here




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  • Manda Edwards

    would you recommend the sync wrap for nursing? I like the idea of the moby but this wrap already comes preadjusted at the waist and wont bunch up on you and its about half the price. i would like to use a wrap style carrier to make nursing in public less of a hassle but none of the positions listed really allow for good access to the breast. in your opinion after using it is there a way to drop baby down to breast level in the infant hold position or to change it to a cradle hold position safely? i dont want to throw away my money and nursing is the primary reason i want a wrap. i dont like the sling style i never felt like my daughter was close enough to my body with the one i had to nurse properly.

    • Hmm… where to begin. To answer your first question, yes I would recommend the sync wrap for nursing, but I’d say get the hang of it and really pay attention to what’s going on. The material is not as soft/breathable in my opinion as my SleepyWrap (aka Boba Wrap). I have two SleepyWraps, and I’m about to do some mama trading to get another one in a different color. It is my absolute favorite! I do not like the Moby Wrap. I borrowed my sisters for an extended period of time to see if I wanted to purchase one and the fabric was not friendly, in comparison to the SleepyWrap. It was very uncomfortable in places and unforgiving, where the SleepyWrap was snuggly and extremely comfortable. The Infantino Sync Wrap was much more friendly like the SleepWrap. The black material you see, was more like the jersey type material, very comfortable. It was the floral (red/black) fabric that was not as soft/breathable. I still love my wrap, but SleepWrap is my first choice. But as I said it depends on where I am or what I’m doing.

      I do think I have more coverage with a full wrap, but there is definitely enough modesty coverage with the sync wrap.

      Depending on the size/age of your baby, the matter of changing position will vary. I’ve found that with most scenarios I did not have to full disengaged her feet/hips from the material to just slide her a little bit to where she needed to be to nurse. It also depended on whether I was planning a full nurse to sleep situation or just a stop crying so we can get out of the store, or such scenario. *grin*

      Another added bonus to the sync wrap, other than the price in comparison to other brands is that you can find it at some Target and BRU stores, so you could ask to try it on before purchase! You might be able to do the same with a full wrap, but good luck finding a boutique that sells it in store. (Although when I have found it in a boutique, that was neat, they just never had the colors I wanted… so you “might” be able to find one to try and then order the color/type you want…)

      I hope this was a bit helpful. Feel free to ask me anything.