The Names of God Bible by Ann Spangler

Open the door to a more intimate relationship with God

* Discover the Hebrew names of God within the biblical text
* Encounter God through prayers, promises, and devotional readings
* Experience God’s character more deeply by studying his names

One of the best ways to get to know God on a deeper level is to know his names and titles as revealed in Scripture. Now the bestselling author of Praying the Names of God and Praying the Names of Jesus uncovers the richness of God’s character and love found in his names right within the Bible text.

The Names of God Bible restores more than 10,000 occurrences of specific names of God–like Yahweh, El Shadday, El Elyon, and Adonay–to help readers connect with the Hebrew roots of their Christian faith and experience a deeper understanding of God’s character. Perfect for personal study, prayer, and reflection.

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Mini House: Mother Goose’s House By Peter Lippman

Meet Little Bo Peep, Humpty Dumpty, that famous moon-jumping cow, Little Miss Muffet and her fateful tuffet, and a whole cast of traditional nursery rhyme characters-they’re all here, in Mother Goose’s house! This three-dimensional board book is shaped like the shoe in which that little old lady who didn’t know what to do made her home, and it’s bursting with characters waiting to be discovered by curious hands. When you unlatch the gate and go inside, 10 charmingly illustrated traditional rhymes are ready to be lovingly learned by a whole new generation of booklovers ages 1 and up.

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