Oh woah is me…

So it all started a few weeks ago, when I was dreading our trip for Christmas because I had that knowing taste in my mouth and feeling in my ears where I knew I had drainage and was going to be sick. Then AppleBlossom suddenly had croup. *sigh* Luckily, it was the night before the day of OrangeBlossom’s four-month well check up. So! We had her on a steroid plan if it got worse, and the next day it was horribly worse. So she had that and recovered and I started to feel better.

Went to Georgia and drove back home to Tennessee. (Although home really always really be Georgia…)

Next day. Horrid. Four 1/2 month old OrangeBlossom coughing up a storm, a very bad bronchial cough. AppleBlossom whining like a crazy toddler – more than a normal toddler. The Enginerd was even snappy and coughing with a fever. Alas. At this point I’m just fine, just an over loaded mama.

Pediatrician’s office. AppleBlossom has an ear infection and bronchiolitis. = Antibiotic. OrangeBlossom has bronchiolitis. At her young age, growth and all = Albuterol and nebulizer. The Enginerd goes with the idea of having the same virus as the girls = Theraflu. I’m fine, just a crazy tired over loaded mama.

(forgive the pajamas – this was the first day, I was perfectly healthy then…)

Days of misery go by. Vacation. What vacation? Nebulizer every four hours around the clock. Fighting the toddler to get her medicine down. Cranky Enginerd.

Then suddenly it happened. One day I noticed my milk production had gone down, but she had been nursing. So I told the Enginerd I really needed to rest. Well the rest worked there, but that was only the beginning sign for me. Next it was the drainage back. Then a headache. Then an earache. Now my throat is on fire. And oh the sinus pressure! Can you say entire family of runny noses?

Forget church, I’m not infecting anybody!

So as of today, AppleBlossom is playful, fever come and go. On her antibiotic until the end of the week. Taking some honey elixir for the cough, when she isn’t fighting tooth and nail. She’s not eating much, but she’s definitely on the mend. OrangeBlossom is still on the nebulizer, but it’s about every 6-10 hours now and not as often. She’s back to sleeping through the night (which drives my milk crazy!) but the rest is great. She’s very playful and even though her cough is still present she is progressing toward health. She demands to be held pretty much in wake and sleep, but that’s okay.

(*sorry nursing break*)

OK. Now the Enginerd is pretty much on tylenol and throat drops. I’m miserable. Sudafed and now Mucinex for me in addition to a once in a while tylenol or advil when I just cannot take the pain/ pressure anymore. Today my ear has been terribly painful in addition to my throat. My head is fuzzy and my sinuses are full. *sigh* It’s taken everyone else about a week to get toward a mend, so considering it should be the same virus… hopefully I’ll be on the mend in a week from now.

I couldn’t figure out why they all got sick first, when I held out so long. But maybe that was a blessing from God so that I could mother them at full capacity before collapsing myself.

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