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It was about two years before AppleBlossom was born that I started blogging and I was a quilt blogger first, and then a book blogger. But when I became pregnant the first time all that changed as naturally I wanted to share the word about some fabulous products that I just fell in love with during my maternity months, and then soon after baby months. While in the two years since she was born I have come across some of my favorite products, by far my most favorite maternity product was something that I got to use during OrangeBlossom’s birth and how I wish I had it when AppleBlossom was born.

After AppleBlossom was born we had an extended and highly unpleasant stay in the maternity ward. I know that LaborLooks Maternity Gowns would have helped! This time around in pregnancy I couldn’t help but want one, so I begged and pleaded and worked out a discount price to receive a product for review. Worth every penny! If things were different with us financially I’d buy more!

About Us

The Birth of LaborLooks:

Laboring and recovering women often ask us if they can wear their own clothes in the hospital. As much as we try to support this request, it typically does not work. There are practical reasons hospital gowns are used during and following labor: IV access, epidural access, fetal heart rate monitoring, baby access and breastfeeding– to name a few. Normal clothing does not allow for the efficient access we need to provide the best care possible for mom and baby.

We want women to have something familiar to wear–something practical, comfortable and reasonably priced that they can bring with them to the hospital. Women plan for quite some time to have a baby (or at least 9-months) and should have a comfortable and stylish gown– something they actually want to wear on that special day– something that will look good in pictures for years to come.

There are a few companies out there with similar ideas, but either the gowns are impractical for the hospital setting or highly overpriced. Our goal is to allow everyday Moms (like myself!) to have the opportunity to be comfortable and confident in their dress while in the hospital.

I would not hesitate in a moment to recommend LaborLooks! I know that there are a few other companies out there that also provide “designer maternity gowns” but my experience with these mamas has been above and beyond. Their customer service cannot be beat. I had questions, they had answers. I had a slight issue and they provided a solution immediately. Easily, my favorite product that I have come across so far, and that’s saying a lot!

While initially I discovered LaborLooks through Etsy, they also have their own website at You can find gowns with competitive prices and pictures there. One thing I love is that there are close up pictures on the fabric pattern and you do not just have to guess what you thing from one distance photo like some shops. As always, I want to be completely honest and there is only one problem that I have with designer maternity gowns and that’s the price. Especially with finances so rough in these days, but with that said I am a quilter and these LaborLooks gowns are made from high quality designer quilt material. So what does that mean? I know what that cost by the yardage and then to add in the love and labor of making the gown these prices are completely reasonable. So even though I hate money and economy these days, this is a purchase that is wholly worthwhile.

After AppleBlossom was born, I mean immediately in the hospital and first couple days spent there, I was miserable. Depressed, in pain, whatever you want to call it I was just bad-off. While when OrangeBlossom was born I was not depressed, nor really in pain (besides the obvious). Things were much better and I was just a plain happier person with a better outlook (except for ravenously hungry!). One factor that I think had a huge impact was my LaborLooks gown. I bought a Bold Floral – Pink/Coral gown and it is awesome. The print is so just gorgeous and I was the prettiest girl there (okay so AppleBlossom was cute in her Big Sister shirt and OrangeBlossom was getting all the attention — but…) and even though I had just given birth I didn’t look tired and drab in pastey pale blue or grey. I was glowing with new mama love and a great stylish gown. 😉

This would make an amazing baby shower gift for a mama-to-be whether it is her first or sixth pregnancy. I know I would squeal and jump up and down. LOL

Our gowns are designed specifically for the laboring and recovering mom. They have been designed by Ashley, a Labor and Delivery Nurse and Brittani, a Certified Nurse Midwife to meet the needs of moms and hospital providers.

Our gowns are made of comfortable, high quality 100% cotton (Amy Butler and Robert Kaufman). They are designed specifically for pregnant and recovering women and are available in S/M (0-8 pre-pregnancy), M/L (10-18 pre-pregnancy) and now XL (20-28 pre-pregnancy).

Each gown has a main fabric and a border trim. The border trim fabric coordinates with the grosgrain ribbon trim used to tie the gown closed at the neck and around the waist. The wrap around fabric and ties allow for full coverage and comfortable movement throughout labor. The shoulders have snaps in order to ensure simple access for skin-to-skin, breastfeeding, epidurals, etc.

Our gowns have a pocket in front, as does a hospital gown, most often used to keep a phone or camera close by during the recovery period. Gowns are machine washable, dryer and iron safe and are made in the U.S.A.


While we were there, nurses other than just our assigned ones (we had a nurse for me and a pediatric nurse during each shift – love that!) would come by to see. They were coming for two reasons I was told, one was the cutest big sister they ever saw and the gorgeous gown with the glowing mama. That in addition to the amazing baby girl we brought home made that a wonderful birth experience and I’d almost say I’d jump right in and do it again (give me a year or so, will ya?!).

Oh, and I almost forgot… one final thought. There are so many different pattern designs that you will be able to find anything to fit the personality of that special mama in mind. I wouldn’t hesitate to contact Ashley if you had any questions. These ladies are truly awesome.

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  • Well, shucks! Why didn’t you share about this when *I* was pregnant with my son? LOL! That gown is gorgeous, and the others are too. I would’ve loved to have one for those 2 days in the hospital. Oh well. At least I can bookmark it for future mamas. We’re done. Baby-making factory is closed. 🙂

    Btw, shoot me an email about your right-click block feature. I accidentally hit the button on my mouse, but I’m glad I did. LOVE it! You’ve given me my Scripture verse for my current book. *g*

    • Woohoo! I’m glad I could help with your book. 😉

      Well, as to why I didn’t share it before your son… because you beat me to it! Although I do hope that I’ll keep my factory running for a while, but on a long hiatus! But yes, definitely a great gift idea. (My mom and I were discussing even how non-maternity ones would make great gifts for those friends with long stays – ie: hip surgery, cancer — anything).

      I will email you about that. My little secret protection. Although not full proof, it helps.

      • Well, yeah, but you’re a few years younger than I. Your factory isn’t in the high-risk years. LOL!

        And I agree, gifts for any women with extended hospital stays, or even prolonged home-care. The gowns aren’t obviously maternity. No one would know. 🙂

  • Too bad we are done. These look very nice.

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