A New FaithGirlz! Series for Tweens

Genres: Christian Fiction

Award-winning author and playwright Naomi Kinsman is making her debut in the tween market with an inspirational new series in the popular Faithgirlz brand. SHADES OF TRUTH and FLICKERING HOPE (Zonderkidz; December 2011; $7.99 each) are the first two books in a series named, “From Sadie’s Sketchbook.”  They follow the life of twelve-year-old, high-spirited Sadie Douglas.

Recently uprooted from California to Owl Creek, Michigan, Sadie experiences ups and downs as she navigates her place within her changing world. Both books teach tween readers what it means to have faith when one doesn’t have all the answers.

Shades of Truth by Naomi Kinsman
From Sadie’s Sketchbook, #1
Genre: Tween Christian Fiction – Ages: 9-12
Pages: 208 Trade Paperback
Date Published: December 2011
Publisher: Zonderkidz, a division of Zondervan

It’s Going to Be a Bear of a Year

Sadie thought she’d have a perfect fresh start when she moved to Owl Creek, Michigan, but finding her place in her new school proves harder than she expected. In this divided town, Sadie’s father’s job mediating between bear hunters and researchers doesn’t help her social life. Sadie’s art instructor encourages her to explore her beliefs and express herself through her sketchbook, and things improve after Sadie befriends a kind girl from school and a researcher’s son—but she can’t stop worrying about the bears. As everything swirls around her, Sadie must learn what it means to have faith when you don’t have all the answers.

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Flickering Hope by Naomi Kinsman
From Sadie’s Sketchbook, #2
Genre: Tween Christian Fiction – Ages: 9-12
Pages: 208 Trade Paperback
Date Published: December 2011
Publisher: Zonderkidz, a division of Zondervan

Can You Ever Trust the Enemy?

Things finally seem to be falling into place for Sadie. Bear season is over, and her relationship with her art teacher is on the mend. Her home life is going better than ever, and even her enemy, Frankie, wants to be friends. But can Frankie be trusted? Ruth and Andrew think she’s spying for her father, helping him find a way to capture Sadie’s favorite bear. But Sadie suspects something else is going on with Frankie. She must decide who to trust and find out if—and how—her growing faith can get her through.

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When I was a Tween, it was such an odd time and had I books like these with characters to delve into and read about their real lives with tough choices and lessons to be learned through faith I wonder what I would have thought. I’m a delighted that as my daughters grown, divisions like FaithGirlz from Zondervan will provide such insightful reads. From the first few pages I was kept captivated and wanted to know what Sadie would do next. These books are thinkers and in a good way.

*Thanks to Zondervan for provide a copy for review.*

Naomi Kinsman is the author of Spilled Ink, winner of the 2009 Moonbeam Gold Medal for Educational/Activity book. She has written and directed over 50 plays for young audiences, and has written for Highlights, Spider and Devozine magazines. As founder of the Society of Young Inklings, Naomi shares her passion for writing and creativity with young people across the country. Society of Young Inklings offers game-based classes, unique resources, national club membership and publishing opportunities for young writers. Naomi has a BA in Theatre Arts from Seattle Pacific University, has studied theatre at the Piven Theatre Workshop and ACT, and has an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Hamline University. She is the Assistant Regional Advisor for the San Francisco South chapter of SCBWI.  naomikinsman.com

Kinsman, a daughter of two pastors, acknowledges that, like Sadie, she too had questions about her own faith growing up. It was only when her faith matured that she realized she was not unlike many other children. She learned a powerful truth-one which tween readers will also realize after reading SHADES OF TRUTH and FLICKERING HOPE – “God is strong enough and loving enough to handle all of our questions.”

Waves of Light
Coming April 2012

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